Billionaire God of War Chapter 1291

Chapter 1291

Malcolm was shocked by what he heard.

He turned around and stared at his subordinates. “What did you just say?”

Mackery was going to take his money and then smash his offices?

“The businesses that the Merlyn family has in the Ninth District have taken a lot of damage and vandalism, and after checking, it turns out to be Mackery’s men.”

Malcolm slammed a palm on the table. “Is he nuts?!”

Mackery didn’t complete the mission that Malcolm gave him and now he was going around sabotaging the Merlyn family’s assets?

Mackery must have gone crazy!

Malcolm was livid. He picked up his phone and called Mackery immediately.

These two had worked together many times before this.

Anything that wasn’t convenient for the Merlyn family to do was assigned to Mackery. Mackery had earned a lot of money from the Merlyn family over these years.

And now he was turning around to attack the Merlyn family?

The phone rang a few times before Mackery picked up the call.

“What’s the meaning of this?” Malcolm immediately flew into a rage. “I told you to deal with those people from Palmer Group but you went to attack my family instead? Do you want your money or not?!”

The other end of the phone was quiet for a while.

Then it was a tirade of curses and F bombs as Mackery went on and on angrily, and he seemed to be even angrier than Malcolm.

“You sent me to die and I have to thank you?!” Mackery yelled furiously. “Malcolm, you’re a real heartless one! I don’t want money, I want to live!”

Mackery hung up the phone.

He was panting and his face was red.

It was just one day!

All the people in the other districts, all 13 districts had been beaten to a pulp!

Mackery had hesitated initially, wondering if he could just ignore Ethan’s orders. As long as he didn’t offend Ethan, then he didn’t think Ethan would come looking for him again.

But he didn’t expect all the other districts to fall in just one day!

When he got the news, he went into a daze from fright.

All the bosses of the other districts were also thinking of ways to track down the assets in their area that belonged to the Merlyn family and to give them as much trouble as possible, because that was Ethan’s order.

Of course he knew about that.

The Merlyn family had the most number of assets in the Ninth District. If Mackery didn’t display the right attitude, then the ‘bear the consequences’ part of the message would fall on him for sure.

“All of you, listen up!” Mackery clenched his teeth. “Arrange for people to do whatever you can to the businesses that belong to the Merlyn family. I don’t care what you do as long as you make life hard for them!”

This wasn’t just Ethan’s orders. It was also Mackery’s fury.

If not for Malcolm, Ethan wouldn’t be on his tail.

After Mackery hung up on him, Malcolm felt like his lungs were about to explode.

This traitor didn’t talk like that when he earned money from the Merlyn family.

“Mackery…! Go to hell!” cursed Malcolm.

“Young Master Merlyn!”

Some men came running in with frantic looks on their faces.

“Young Master Merlyn, our shop in the Third District has been smashed!”

“Also the ones in the Fifth District, the Eighth District…”

The news kept pouring in and Malcolm’s expression turned from red to livid until it was so dark that he felt like killing somebody.

What on earth was happening?

The Merlyn family was an important part of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and were highly influential in Las Vegas. All those district bosses never crossed his paths and sometimes they even had to work with him and ask him for favors.

And now all of them were attacking the Merlyn family’s assets?

Even the illegal business that the Merlyn family had in the slum area of the Eighth District was facing issues!

“This is ridiculous! Ridiculous!”

Malcolm got up and was about to go out and find someone to handle it when Jasper came marching in. His expression was so dark, it was terrifying.


Before Malcolm could say anything, Jasper slapped his son across the face. “What have you been doing behind my back?!”


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