Billionaire God of War Chapter 1290

Chapter 1290

Brother Geoff frowned slightly. “Should I use my example to convince them, or just use my fists…I didn’t understand what Big Boss said the last time.”

Ethan always emphasized on using their example to convince others, but they’d never seen Ethan use this method before.

“When in doubt…ask the Legend!”

Brother Geoff gritted his teeth as he remembered what Ethan told him before.

He took out his phone and made a call to Jenny, the Legend of Fairbanks.

It was daytime on the other end. Jenny had just finished class and was about to go for lunch when she saw that Brother Geoff was calling and she excitedly picked it up.

“Brother Geoff! Where did you go to have fun this time? Why didn’t you bring me along?”

Jenny started chatting merrily immediately and she spoke so quickly, Brother Geoff didn’t even have the chance to say anything.

After a long time, he finally cut in loudly, “I have a question for you!”

“What is it?”

Brother Geoff immediately told Jenny about what was troubling him. “How should I choose?”

“You’re so dumb!” Jenny immediately scolded him. “In front of my brother-in-law, then you have to use your example to convince others so that it looks good on him. But when he’s not around…then who cares what he said? Whoever does anything bad or is disobedient gets bashed up! Smash his face in!”

Jenny was also speechless when it came to this matter. “Brother Geoff, what sort of example are you going to use to convince others anyway? You get tongue tied after a few exchanges, so who’s going to be convinced by you?”

Only Jenny would dare to talk like this to Brother Geoff.

Number Six and the rest in the car were stifling their laughter and their faces were all red from trying so hard not to laugh.

Brother Geoff quickly turned off speakerphone and coughed a few times. “Why did you have to tell the truth?”

After that, he hung up and his expression immediately became stern.

“We’ll use fists then!”

Only his fists were of any use, so what choice did he even have?

The car drove along and Kent brought them round the various districts.

Meanwhile, Ethan returned to the hotel.

Diane had already gone to bed. Palmer Group’s overseas branch office was officially opening the next day and she had to conserve her energy.

Ethan walked to the stairwell outside the hotel door.

A man was standing in the shadows of the stairwell. He was entirely hidden, but it was possible to tell who it was from his silhouette.

“How’s your injury?”

“All recovered.”

“The Moore family is gone and you’ve taken your revenge. Where do you intend to go from here?”

“I have nowhere to go.”

Ethan laughed. “Just speak your mind.”

“I want to follow you.”

The figure in the shadows walked out into the light. It was Cillian!

His eyes were electrifying and they sparkled brightly like two stars in the dim lighting.

“I want to become strong! Even stronger!”

Ethan looked at Cillian. “Aren’t you strong enough?”

Cillian didn’t say anything.

This was a dumb question.

If he was strong enough, he would have killed Dalton a long time ago. Who dared to say they were strong after seeing what Ethan was capable of?

Who would dare to?

At least Cillian didn’t dare to.

“You have many who work in the light, and they’re quite sufficient. But you don’t have anybody in the shadows, and I’m suitable for that role.”

Cillian paused before continuing, “There are many things I could help you with. For example, I could protect Diane in the shadows.”

“Wouldn’t I end up owning you more and more favors?”

“You’re not going to return any of them anyway, so this is a sure-win deal. What do you say?” Cillian laughed.

Ethan laughed as well.

He looked at Cillian. “I know what you want to do. I’ll give you that chance.”

With that, Ethan went back to the room while Cillian went back into the darkness.

The next morning at 9AM.

Palmer Group’s overseas branch office was officially open for business!

The news reached the Merlyn family and Malcolm heard about it. His expression immediately fell.

“What the hell are all of you doing? Can’t you even settle such a simple matter? Where’s Mackery? Didn’t he say it won’t be a problem? Where is he?” Malcolm started yelling away angrily.

“Young Master Merlyn…Mackery…” His subordinates trembled as they reported, “He went to smash the Merlyn family’s offices!”


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