Billionaire God of War Chapter 1289

Chapter 1289

The cold and murderous air made Mackery tremble all over.

He nodded profusely and didn’t think about anything else. He only knew that he had to agree to whatever Ethan said.

Damage the Merlyn family’s assets?

Harass the Merlyn family’s businesses?

They were from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and were extremely influential. Who would dare to offend them?

But if he didn’t agree to it, he would die on the spot.

Mackery looked at the pieces of his gun that were dismantled by Ethan with his bare hands on the ground and gulped. He never imagined he would run into someone this terrifying.

Even with a gun, it was useless before Ethan!

“You’d better remember that.” Ethan stared at Mackery one more time and didn’t say anymore before getting back into the car.

Kent walked over to Mackery and bent down. “I warned you not to go overboard but you didn’t want to listen to me. Now that you have a chance, I hope you will cherish it. Otherwise…the boss of the Ninth District is gonna change.”

He scoffed and felt so good inside.

He had never seen Mackery in such a pitiful state before.

These people usually threw their weight about and never had any regard for Kent. But today, Mackery would know that the Eighth District folks weren’t pushovers!

And that was because he had Ethan backing him!

Ethan and the rest got into the cars and left.

Mackery was still sitting on the ground. His entire body was covered in sweat and he was still trembling.

The men behind him were still howling in pain and he felt his head go numb just hearing their howls.

“Who…who the hell is he?!”

Mackery gritted his teeth and suddenly felt hatred for Malcolm.

This asshole said that he had a good deal for Mackery, but there was no way Mackery would live to earn it.

Would he even have the life to spend it?

Malcolm had made him offend a man whom he didn’t dare to offend at all!

What a bastard!

But Ethan’s instructions to make trouble for the Merlyn family made Mackery hesitate as well. Ethan was too powerful and he didn’t dare to offend him, but he didn’t dare to offend the Merlyn family either.

In the car.

Ethan already predicted that Mackery might not be trustworthy.

But he would make sure Mackery was obedient.

“Kent, bring Geoff and the rest to the various districts.”

Kent was stunned. “Whatever for?”

“Pass my message to the 13 districts. As long as they are Chinese run businesses, they must not harass, extort or make these businesses upset. Otherwise, they will have to bear the consequences!”

“Also, tell them to look for any assets that belong to the Merlyn family and damage them as far as possible. Those who don’t do this will have to bear the consequences!”

These words ‘bear the consequences’ made Kent’s body tremble.

“All the other districts?”

He gulped hard. This was pretty crazy!

Mackery wasn’t very powerful, but some of the other districts were run by old timers who had plenty of ammunition. Wasn’t it a little crazy for just the few of them to go around and say such things?

“Big Boss said all, then he means all.” Brother Geoff nodded. “Whoever doesn’t listen…”

He started to think about whether he should use his example to convince them and speak reasonably to them, or if he should use his fists and punch them until they listened to him.

Ethan didn’t say anymore and there was no need to. He left the wolves and returned to the hotel first.

The wolves sat in the car with Kent.

“Is Mr. Hunt serious?”

Kent didn’t really dare to believe it. Just the few of them in the car were going to do this?

Wouldn’t it be better for him to call more people along? Just the few of them would be as good as courting death!

“Your job is to take us there,” said Number Six. “Leave the rest to us. This Merlyn family dared to touch Number Five’s woman and even thought of touching the employees of Palmer Group, so they’re the ones courting death!”

He turned and looked at Brother Geoff. “Are you ready?”

“Of course I’m ready. But I’m just wondering which method I should use.”


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