Billionaire God of War Chapter 1288

Chapter 1288

The wolves were furious inside. Before they could look for the Merlyn family to settle this matter, this Mackery came looking for them first.

These figures moved like ghostly shadows in the night, aggressive and domineering!

The wolves dashed into the crowd of men and started their massacre.

It was as if a pack of wolves had infiltrated a flock of sheep, and they were extremely vicious!

Mackery got a terrible shock. He didn’t expect the wolves to be this ferocious.

His expression changed and he reached his back to pull a gun out. He aimed it at Ethan and looked in front murderously. “All of you are tired of living!”

Kent immediately panicked. “Mr. Hunt, watch out!”

But just after he said that, Ethan disappeared!

Mackery had just lifted his hand to find that Ethan had vanished before him.

He was too fast!


A strong gust of wind suddenly came from nowhere and before Mackery could figure out what was happening, he felt like his wrist was being twisted and he couldn’t feel his fingers anymore.


A howl pierced through the dark night.

The gun in Mackery’s hand fell and Ethan caught it. He spun his fingers at a shockingly rapid speed. In just seconds, he had dismantled the entire gun into several small parts and sent all the parts clinking onto the ground.


Mackery paled in fright. He had never seen anybody so scary before.

Before he could finish his sentence, Ethan grabbed Mackery’s neck and held him up with one hand.

He weighed nearly 100 kilograms but Ethan lifted him up effortlessly.

“Who in the Merlyn family sent you?”


“WHO?!” roared Ethan.

“Malcolm!” said Mackery quickly.

“It’s really him.” Ethan guessed as much, but now he could confirm it. “How much did he offer for my life?”

“Each…each person…US…US$2 million!”

Ethan slapped Mackery hard across the face and sent him flying. He rolled on the ground a few times and his face was filled with terror.

“I’m only worth $2 million?”

Ethan narrowed his eyes. Ten years ago, his life was already worth US$5 million. Eight years ago, it had increased to US$30 million. Seven years ago it was US$200 million. Five years ago…nobody dared to offer money to kill him anymore.

And now the Merlyn family was only offering $2 million and hoped to kill him?

If those real international bigwigs found out, then Ethan wouldn’t have to do anything and those people would stomp Malcolm to death for him.

Because Malcolm didn’t even have basic respect towards Ethan, the terrifying God of War of the East.

Mackery was already in a terrible daze. He turned to look and found that none of his men were still standing. They either had broken arms or broken legs, and had all become cripples in mere seconds.

The Eighth District…when did they have so many vicious people?

When did Kent have such frightening people around him?!

“Who…who on earth are you?!” Mackery’s voice was trembling.

“Who I am doesn’t matter.” Ethan walked over and looked down at Mackery. “I will only give you one chance.”

Mackery gulped. He felt death looming so close to him for the first time!

He had a gun, but with Ethan around, he was still going to die.

“Sabotage and damage as much of the Merlyn family’s assets in the Ninth District. If you can’t damage anything, then you’re going to lose your life!” said Ethan coldly.


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