Billionaire God of War Chapter 1287

Chapter 1287

At the border between the Eighth and Ninth Districts.

Ethan sat in the car and didn’t get down. He was making a call.

Kent stood outside the car and could see several cars making their way from the Ninth District. It looked like there were quite a number of them.

“They’re here.” Kent started to frown.

He wanted to call more people along but Brother Geoff said it wasn’t necessary.

Of course Kent knew that as long as Ethan was here, then even if every single district sent men here, none of them would make it out of here alive.

But he didn’t dare to let Ethan fight these people personally. He didn’t have the right to!

The cars stopped.

Mackery got out of one of the cars. More than 30 men followed behind him.

“Long time no see, Kent. I heard you’re not doing well lately,” said Mackery sarcastically and didn’t hold himself back at all. “The Eighth District is too poor and you don’t have any future there. Why don’t you come to the Ninth District? I’ve got a space for you.”

Going over meant that he would become a lowly subordinate to Mackery.

He was the boss of the illegal circle of the Eighth District, so why should he go over and become a lowly follower?

Kent wasn’t going to accept such an arrangement.

“I grew up in the Eighth District, so I’ll die here too. You don’t have to worry about that. You’re the one looking for me, so let’s get down to business, stop wasting time.”

Kent glanced at Ethan’s car and saw that Ethan was still on the phone. His heart suddenly felt at ease.

As long as this man was around, he didn’t have to fear anything!

“If there’s nothing else, then don’t bloody waste my time!” Kent’s voice became louder now and he was more confident.

Mackery scoffed and frowned slightly. This was the first time Kent dared to speak so loudly to him.

“Hoho, fine. I won’t waste anymore time. Hand over the woman you took from the Ninth District,” he went straight to the point. “Also, hand over those fellows who actually took her away. The rest is none of your business and you can leave.”

Mackery wanted Kent to hand Ethan and the wolves over?

Kent wanted to laugh. Did Mackery know what he was asking for?

“Mackery, I’m warning you, don’t go overboard!” retorted Kent. “Since when was that section considered part of the Ninth District?”

“HAHA! As long as I want to, then even your Eighth District is considered part of my Ninth District. You went over the line and this is not something that you’re allowed to do. Kent, are you still so stupid?” Mackery laughed loudly.

His face suddenly darkened again and the men behind him got ready to attack. Their expressions were very threatening.

“Don’t waste anymore time, otherwise, from today onwards, the Eighth District will have nobody in charge of them.”

Kent clenched his teeth.

His face was filled with fury.

“Hand them over to him.”

A voice spoke from behind.

Kent turned around to see that Ethan had gotten out of the car and was walking over.

He stood beside Kent and looked at Mackery as he went straight to the point. “The Merlyn family sent you here, didn’t they?”

Mackery’s eyes immediately narrowed. “Who are you?”

“Aren’t you looking for me?” said Ethan calmly. “And them.”

He pointed at Brother Geoff and the rest.

“You mentioned the ones who rescued the girl from the Ninth District. That’s us.”

He took one step forward and the wolves took a step forward too.

“You want to take us away?”

Mackery looked at them and noticed that their aura was slowly changing. His heart trembled violently. He didn’t expect Ethan to know immediately that he was sent by the Merlyn family.

“Since you’ve already come out, then we’ll bring him back!”

With that, the men behind Mackery immediately dashed towards Ethan and the rest.

But Brother Geoff and the wolves were faster than them!


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