Billionaire God of War Chapter 1286

Chapter 1286

Of course Kent knew that wasn’t considered the Ninth District. There was nothing worth fighting over at the border of two districts, and that was exactly why both sides agreed to draw the line there.

But now someone from the Ninth District was accusing Kent of crossing the line to rescue someone.

“What did they say?” asked Ethan.

“They said they wanted to talk and told me to hand her over. They probably think I was the one who rescued her.”

The commotion in the Eighth District was quite big and many people were on the move. It wasn’t surprising that the Ninth District had misunderstood.

But Kent knew that all his men put together were nothing compared to the wolves with Ethan.

They were at a completely different level!

“Then we’ll talk,” said Ethan calmly.

He looked straight at Kent and narrowed his eyes as he spoke in a low voice, “Anybody who comes at this time is not a friend.”

“Got it!”

Kent immediately ran off to make preparations.


The one in charge of the illegal circle within the Ninth District was Mackery.

He put the phone down and stroked his goatee.

“This is a $100 million deal and there’s no need to use knives or guns. Would Kent dare to not hand over the person I want? Does he think his position in the Eighth District is stable?” Mackery snorted and his expression was filled with disdain.

The Eighth District was the poorest district in Las Vegas. If he weren’t uninterested in the district, there was no way Kent would have been able to take control of it.

If he wanted to, he could take it back from Kent anytime!

“Come on, let’s go get our money!”

To him, that US$100 million was his for sure.

He wasn’t afraid of anything and brought his men straight to the Eighth District.

The Eighth District was the famous slum area of Las Vegas. There were homeless people everywhere, curled up against the walls and hiding from the cold wind of the night.

Kent had a complicated expression on his face. He noticed that the wolves were looking at these people and so he explained, “The Eighth District is too poor and nobody is willing to set up business in this area and there aren’t any job opportunities.”

“So in order to survive, many of them resort to illegal activities, including normal citizens.”

Crime was rampant here and there were all sorts of people in this place. Even some children learnt how to commit crimes from a young age, and Kent felt terrible inside when he saw these things.

Brother Geoff looked at him and Kent quickly waved his hands about. “I’ve already stopped doing such things, Mr. Hunt doesn’t allow me to harm others anymore!”

He knew that very well.

Back then, the ones that Ethan killed were those who gave some of these ordinary citizens things that would harm them.

“Have you ever thought of changing this place?” Brother Geoff looked at Kent and spoke very seriously. “Change the people here and change the environment here.”

It was Kent’s turn to be stunned.

Change this place?

He had thought about it before, but he didn’t know where to start. He didn’t have money nor the ability, and the Eighth District was the weakest out of all the 13 districts.

“I asked, have you ever thought of changing this place?” Brother Geoff asked again.

“As long as you want to, then you can definitely do it.”

Before Kent could say anything, Brother Geoff continued, “We can help you.”

They didn’t need Ethan to handle such a small matter himself.

Ethan had more important things to do. So the wolves could take on this small matter and take it as repaying Kent.

Kent didn’t say anything. His heart pounded wildly and seemed to still be thinking about what Brother Geoff just said.

Change this place?

Many images appeared in his mind.

There were some young children who ran along the streets, rummaging the trash and hoped to find enough food for the day.

There were pregnant ladies who were still hooked on drugs. They could neither control their addiction nor care for the child in their womb.

There were also those homeless people who had nowhere to go even in the bitter winter, and they couldn’t even find a wall to protect them from the wind.

“Can I?” Kent asked himself in his heart.


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