Billionaire God of War Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296

“What did you say?”

Some of them immediately disagreed.

They weren’t going to continue working together anymore but he wanted the entire year’s fees and the termination penalty fee?

“Isn’t that only normal?” said Malcolm. “You mean we don’t have to follow the terms on the contract anymore?”

“And did the Chinese Chamber of Commerce follow the terms?” One of them laughed coldly. “You said you’d support us, but what did you support us with? You just didn’t harass us. Someone stole an important piece of equipment from my factory under your noses, and you didn’t do anything!”

He glared at Malcolm and didn’t mince his words. “I’m telling you, all of us know that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce is just like a tiger made from paper! You’re useless!”

“Palmer Group came overseas and ignored you, yet they still managed to operate as per normal. There’s no need for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to exist anymore!”

“Also, you can forget about taking a single cent from me! Humph!”

With that, they all turned to leave.

Malcolm suddenly picked up his ashtray and flung it onto the floor. The bright and clear sound of it hitting the floor caused a dozen men to rush in from outside, effectively blocking the merchants from leaving the room.

“Either you leave your money here or you leave your lives here. Make your choice!” said Malcolm sinisterly.

He knew he couldn’t keep these people with him anymore.

This damned Ethan!

This damned Palmer Group!

In just the span of a few days, Palmer Group and that Ethan had made the Merlyn family suffer so much damage.

Right now, he could only try to recoup some losses. Once he was done dealing with Palmer Group and Ethan, he was going to teach these idiots a lesson!

The merchants wanted to retaliate but they didn’t dare to. They knew how Malcolm was. If he decided to be vicious, he might really kill them.

They obediently paid up an entire year’s fees and the penalty fee of a few million before they could leave.

“Hoho, don’t worry, none of you will be able to escape. As long as you’re doing business in Las Vegas, you can forget about getting away from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.”

Malcolm’s expression was dark.

He walked out and the corridor was filled with a few dozen men. All of them had a presence that was different from ordinary people.

All these men were martial artists!

Half of them were grandmaster level fighters!

The Merlyn family had paid them a high salary to take them in from the destroyed Kings Sect.

He originally wanted to use these men to snatch away what the other two families in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce had, but from the current situation, dealing with Palmer Group and Ethan was more important.

Otherwise, the Merlyn family could forget about walking with their heads high!

“They’re just a merchant from China, so no problem settling them, right?” asked Malcolm.

“Young Master Merlyn, we know those types of cowards from the mainland!”

The one who spoke was Nate Hodgson, the assistant leader of the Dragons of Kings Sect. He had followed Milton and they almost made it to the top of the sect.

But after Milton brought the others to kill off Dalton, he never came back and Kings Sect was completely destroyed.

Nate Hodgson had gone to prepare for a celebratory banquet, and so he managed to escape death.

He knew that the Moore family had been destroyed because they had offended a very terrifying character from China.

Ethan Hunt!

Nobody in Kings Sect would ever forget this name!

The Merlyn family treated them better than how Kings Sect used to, and their current mission was just to finish off some merchants from the mainland. All those in business were just a bunch of cowards to him!

“Don’t worry, Young Master Merlyn. We’ll definitely get this done for you!”


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