Billionaire God of War Chapter 1297

Chapter 1297

Malcolm nodded.

“I’m not worried as long as you guys are in charge.”

These were men that he groomed himself, and not the Merlyn family.

Those highly skilled fighters groomed by the Merlyn family belonged to his father, Jasper!

He had to build up his own branch of power!

In the future, he wasn’t only going to inherit the Merlyn family from Jasper. He was also going to make the Merlyn family even more powerful.

The Moore family was gone, but there were still several highly skilled fighters from Kings Sect left behind. As long as he could gather all of them together, the Merlyn family in the future would not be any less than the Moore family. In fact, if the Merlyn family could control the entire Chinese Chamber of Commerce, they would be even more powerful than the Moore family used to be.

“I don’t care what method you use. I want to make sure that every single person from Palmer Group disappears, and not a single person is left!” said Malcolm. “I want them to know what happens if they offend me!”

“Do you understand?”

“Yes, Young Master Merlyn!” Nate Hodgson and his men responded in unison.

Nate then led his men out.

If they had to launch an attack, then they would wait for night time. Night was the right time for murder!

They had already suppressed their anger for a long time now, ever since the Moore family and Kings Sect were destroyed. They’d never felt so suppressed before.

First they were terribly humiliated by Ethan, then later, Ethan also destroyed their sect overseas as well!

When he thought about this name, Nate felt anger, but he felt more fear!

It was as if he was a grim reaper, and everyone ought to keep their distance from him.


At Palmer Group’s overseas office.

Ethan was leisurely drinking tea.

The employees were busying themselves with building up the company and getting into the groove of things. Ethan didn’t need to worry about these things.

What he needed to do was to be happy.

After all, he was the boss.

Even Diane was working for him. Tsk.

Suddenly, the lift doors opened and some men came running into the office. They ran even more quickly when they noticed Ethan.

“Mr. Hunt! Mr. Hunt!”

They didn’t expect to find Ethan still sitting around and drinking tea leisurely!

“What great timing, I’ve just gotten these tea leaves, why don’t you try some?”

Ethan poured them a cup each, but none of them could think about drinking tea now.

“Mr. Hunt, bad news! You’d…you’d better run!”

“Lock the doors and quickly find somewhere to hide!”

“That’s right! The Merlyn family…is going to attack you!”

The men who came dashing into the office were those Chinese merchants who had managed to leave the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and came running here immediately.

They knew what Ethan was doing and they were very touched, and they really hoped Ethan could succeed in doing this.

That way, the Chinese merchants could stand tall overseas as well!

But the Merlyn family was so vicious and wanted to kill Ethan and company!

“Why? What’s going on with the Merlyn family?” Ethan’s expression was still relaxed as he looked at them. “Didn’t you go and terminate your contracts? Why do all of you look like such a mess?”

They explained what happened and their expressions were furious.

“I didn’t expect Malcolm to have groomed so many highly skilled fighters! All of them are extremely vicious and cruel. I heard that they used to be from Kings Sect!

Everyone knew that Kings Sect used to belong to the Moore family.

And the Moore family was previously the most powerful family in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

But then the Moore family suddenly disappeared and left nobody behind.

But those from Kings Sect were still frightening!

How did these highly skilled fighters gain a foothold in Las Vegas?

They had gained it by killing everybody in the way!

“Palmer Group has broken the rules set by the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and delivered a slap in the Merlyn family’s face, so Malcolm won’t let you off for sure. We thought that they might pull a few stunts on you, but we didn’t expect them to actually try to kill you!”

“We didn’t leave and hid behind a wall to hear that they’re going to clean out Palmer Group tonight!”


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