Billionaire God of War Chapter 1299

Chapter 1299

Nate suddenly felt like his legs were giving way.


That was a name he would never forget.

A terrifying demon!

The Moore family had perished because of him, and so had Kings Sect!

And now, he was supposed to kill Ethan?!

Forget you, Malcolm! Nate cursed in his heart.

He turned and was about to run when someone appeared at the door.

“Oh, my delivery order has arrived?”

Nate froze immediately when he heard the voice and couldn’t move at all. He felt like his soul couldn’t move anymore. If he dared to move, he would die!

“Are you Mr. Hunt?” asked the delivery boy with a smile.

“Yes, I am.”

Those three simple words made Nate feel like he had just fallen into an icy abyss.

He suddenly felt like killing Malcolm.

He had barely managed to escape the massacre of Kings Sect and now he had walked right into Ethan’s path again.

A hand suddenly landed on Nate’s shoulder and he shuddered from fright.

He turned to see Ethan looking at him.

“Are you here to deliver food too?” asked Ethan.

“I…I…I am! Yes, I am!” Nate quickly replied.

Then he quickly smiled and picked up one of the food containers. “I’m here to help! How are those few boys going to carry so many things up? I’m here to help! I’m here to help!”

Nate then spun around to look at his men. “Why are all of you staring into space?!”

“If the food gets cold and the staff of Palmer Group has to eat cold food, won’t your conscience hurt?”

After he said that, all of them hurriedly grabbed a food container and ran upstairs, shocking the actual delivery boys.

What a helpful bunch of people!

Ethan allowed Nate and his men to carry all the takeout boxes upstairs.

The office was fully lit!

Nate looked at all the eyes that were on him and suddenly felt a little scared.

He felt as though he was a lamb walking into a wolves’ den.

He was a grandmaster level fighter!

“Food is here!” Someone gave a shout and everybody came running over excitedly.

Most of them had come overseas for the first time, and this was also their first time eating authentic fried chicken and hamburgers.

They swarmed over and Nate instantly paled in fright. He nearly even dropped the container in his arms.

“No snatching! No snatching!” Ashley’s words carried some weight in this office. She shouted, “There’s enough for everyone! There’s enough!”

Then she got Nate to put the box down and made her colleagues line up to take their food.

There was so much food and they were afraid that there wasn’t enough to go round?

Everyone had a hamburger, a piece of fried chicken and iced soda. After being busy the whole day and feeling tired, a mouthful of soda made them feel so refreshed!

Brother Ethan really knew them well.

“Have we not paid up yet?” All the food was given out already but Ashley noticed that Nate and his men were still standing around awkwardly, so she felt she had to ask. “If we’ve not paid yet, look for him!”

She pointed at Ethan.

Since Brother Ethan was treating, nobody was going to snatch the bill from him.

That would be stepping on Ethan’s pride!

“It’s been paid for! It’s been paid for!”

Nate gulped hard. Look for Ethan for money? He was only 37 years old and it wasn’t time for him to enter a state of eternal sleep yet.

He quickly bowed several times. “If there’s nothing else, can we go?”

“Of course!” Ashley laughed and wondered why these delivery boys overseas were so polite even after delivering the food. Did they want to stay and eat some too?


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