Billionaire God of War Chapter 1300

Chapter 1300

After getting Ashley’s permission to go, Nate nearly cried. He didn’t dare to say anymore and bowed as he carefully made his way out. He was afraid of doing anything that might affect the staff and make Ethan unhappy.

Even in the elevator, his heart was still in his mouth and he felt anxious and uneasy.

It was only when he reached the first floor and stepped onto solid ground did Nate finally feel really alive.

“Let’s go! Let’s go!”

He quickly walked off and didn’t dare to stay one moment longer.

Upstairs, Ethan took his share of the food into Diane’s office.

“Didn’t you say someone was here to make trouble?”

Diane took a mouthful of soda and felt so refreshed.

“They came,” said Ethan calmly. “But I suppose they changed their minds at the last minute and came with supper instead.”

He picked up a paper napkin and wiped Diane’s mouth.

“Don’t drink so much, you’d grow fat.”

Diane immediately put the cup down.

“But of course, I’d still like you even if you were fat.”

Diane laughed and picked the cup up again. She grinned and said, “I’ll take two last mouthfuls.”

Then she took two huge mouthfuls, as if she wished she could fill up her entire mouth with each mouthful. Then she quickly put it back down and looked so gleeful.

Ethan didn’t know what to do with her cheeky and adorable face and just picked up the cup that was left with only a little soda.

“Fine, drink it, drink it…”



Malcolm was at the headquarters of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce waiting for news.

He just found out that everyone in Palmer Group was all working overtime tonight so that they could get into the groove of things as quickly as possible.

But they weren’t going to get the chance to do that anymore.

Nate and his men were all vicious ones. They were famous for being aggressive and cruel while they were part of the Dragons!

As long as they were the ones cleaning out Palmer Group, he would be able to see nothing but blood in Palmer Group’s office tomorrow morning!


They all had to die!

Malcolm’s office door was suddenly kicked open from outside.

Malcolm got a shock.

“Who is it?!”

He looked up and shouted to see that Nate was the one who kicked the door open. Nate stormed in and looked rather upset.

“Nate? Have you settled the matter?”

Nate didn’t say anything and pulled a grim face. He walked to Malcolm, used one hand to grab his collar, and the other hand went to slap him!

The loud and crisp sound of his slap sent Malcolm into confusion.

“What…what are you doing?!”

Nate seemed to have gone mad as he continued to slap Malcolm’s mouth wildly without saying anything.

After some slaps, Malcolm’s mouth was filled with blood.

“What on earth…are you doing?!” shouted Malcolm. “I’m from the Merlyn family! I’m the one feeding you!”

Nate became even angrier. He raised his palm and slammed it on Malcolm’s chest.

He broke a few ribs!

“AHH!” Malcolm howled in pain.

“You’re the one feeding us?” Nate yelled at him, “You’ve just paid us a bit of money and you think you can send us to die? I’m going to kill you first!”

Malcolm paled. He could see the murder in Nate’s eyes and he started to panic.

“Stop it! Stop!” he started yelling. “Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

He had no idea what just happened. He told Nate to kill Ethan and Nate was the one who said that it wouldn’t be a problem. Why was he now turning around to kill him?

It was dangerous to keep such ferocious people in the house!

These damned ungrateful brats!

“What the hell is going on?” Malcolm gritted his teeth and his entire body was shaking. “Nate, I’m from the Merlyn family, so if you kill me, you’re never getting out of Las Vegas alive!”


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