Billionaire God of War Chapter 1301

Chapter 1301

Malcolm didn’t even know what was happening. Nate was supposed to be working for him, but now he was trying to kill him!

Malcolm was going to break down soon.

Since Nate looked like he might kill him anytime, he had to use his identity as the heir to the Merlyn family to make Nate calm down.

And just as he expected, Nate scoffed and didn’t try to kill him anymore.

They were in the headquarters of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, so even if they did kill Malcolm and the Merlyn family found out about it, it wouldn’t be too hard for them to just escape Las Vegas.

But this Chinese Chamber of Commerce had a lot of influence across the country, so the Merlyn family wouldn’t let them off so easily if they really killed their heir.

“Young Master Merlyn, you must not go too far as a person,” said Nate as he stretched his hand out to pat Malcolm hard on the face. “We all have parents and we all only have one life. How could you send us to die?”

“Send you to die?”

Malcolm really didn’t get it.

He only told Nate to kill the employees of Palmer Group. How could that be a death mission?

Those were just ordinary office staff who couldn’t fight back at all. It would be so easy to kill them off.

“You’re right, you’re the Young Master of the Merlyn family and we can’t just kill you like that. Otherwise, even if we can get out of Las Vegas, our lives will still be in danger.”

Nate scoffed and stared at Malcolm before smiling coldly. “Young Master Merlyn, come and have a walk with me then.”

He had thought about it carefully.

Las Vegas was not a good place to stay.

Palmer Group had opened a branch here, which meant that Ethan might come here from time to time. He didn’t want to see Ethan ever again.

He wanted to leave this place and he was going to bring a large sum of money along with them!

He had so many brothers with him, so as long as they went elsewhere, they would definitely be able to survive anywhere they went.

In fact, they could possibly make a comeback and live better lives than before.

And of course, he was going to get this money from the Merlyn family!

“As long as you don’t kill me, everything is negotiable.”

Malcolm gritted his teeth. He had happily groomed Nate and his men for some time now, and he thought that they would be loyal to him. He didn’t expect them to turn out to be a bunch of ungrateful brats!

“Relax, we just want money.” Nate glanced at Malcolm. “Don’t try any tricks, otherwise we won’t just want your money, but also your life!”

He just wanted to leave Las Vegas with a large sum of money as quickly as possible. He wanted to go as far away from Ethan as possible, and he didn’t care where.

As long as Ethan was in this place, he didn’t want to be anywhere near that place.

Nate got his men to bring Malcolm to a hidden place, then he made a call to Jasper.

“I want US$100 million, otherwise you can spend a few thousand to choose a nice grave for him!”

His words were simple, but they were extremely sinister.

Jasper never thought things would turn out like this.

The Merlyn family had been attacked over the past few days.

Their businesses had been attacked by the various district bosses continuously, so they had made quite some losses on that front. On top of that, the Chinese businesses that were under the Merlyn family in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce terminated their contracts.

This caused such a terribly adverse effect on the family.

And now, even Malcolm had been kidnapped!

And the kidnappers were actually people the Merlyn family groomed and fed.

Jasper was going crazy with his fury.

He already told Malcolm before that he should keep a distance from the remnants of Kings Sect and not trust them too easily.

They weren’t their own people after all, so even if the Merlyn family paid them well, they might not be truly loyal to the family.

But Malcolm didn’t listen to his father and even wanted Nate and his men to become an important part of the Merlyn family’s fighters!

And now the worst thing that could happen actually happened!

“Men!” shouted Jasper immediately.

A few highly skilled fighters immediately stood up. Two of them were even advanced grandmaster level fighters.


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