Billionaire God of War Chapter 1302

Chapter 1302

“Go and save my son!” shouted Jasper.

“Mr Merlyn, we should make plans before we do anything,” said one of them. “Nate may not be as powerful as us, but he’s a narrow minded man and very scheming. I’m afraid that doing anything rash now might agitate him instead.”

“Besides, we’re not sure exactly where he is right now. The source of the phone call might not be where they are right now.”

People like Nate were very careful.

He wouldn’t make mistakes easily, and there was no way he didn’t remember that the Merlyn family had other highly skilled fighters working for them.

Jasper frowned. “You mean I have to give in to their demands and pay them to release my son?”

“That would depend on whether you think Young Master’s life is more important or if money is more important.”

If these were ordinary kidnappers, they wouldn’t have hesitated and would have gone to save Malcolm by now.

But the kidnapper was Nate, someone who used to be the assistant leader of the Dragons of Kings Sect. Whoever got to that position was definitely no ordinary man.

Besides, he was a grandmaster level fighter, so his prowess wasn’t too far off from theirs.

If they agitated him, Malcolm was dead for sure.

Jasper was really fuming now.

If news of this went out, then the reputation of the Merlyn family would go down again.

The Merlyn family couldn’t even protect their own heir, and they hoped to support those Chinese merchants?

They hoped to protect those Chinese merchants so that they wouldn’t get bullied and kidnapped by others?

That would sound like a joke now!

But if he didn’t pay up, then the chances of Malcolm surviving were extremely slim!

“We’ll pay!”

Jasper’s entire body was trembling and his expression was darker than the night sky.

The anonymous account that Nate had quickly received $100 million.

“Young Master Merlyn, it looks like your position in the Merlyn family is still pretty high. Mr Merlyn barely hesitated before sending me the money.”

Nate laughed. “I’m a man of my word. I said I won’t kill you, then of course I won’t kill you.”

Malcolm didn’t say anything.

He stared daggers at Nate as he started regretting how he had actually hired these ingrates to work for him!

“Brother Nate, everything has been arranged and we can leave via the southern border,” whispered one of his men after walking in.

Nate nodded.

He walked over to Malcolm and squatted down, then sighed.

“I didn’t want to do this either. We’ve been in Las Vegas for so many years and we’d love to stay and make a comeback, but we can’t.” He rested an arm on Malcolm’s shoulder. “As long as that person is around, we can’t stay here. He might not kill me now because he thinks I’m just a worthless ant and it’s not even worth his effort to step on me. But what if he gets into a bad mood someday?”

“What are you talking about?” Malcolm didn’t understand. “Who is this person?”

Nate froze and his expression immediately turned nasty and threatening.

“You’re still pretending at this point in time?”

How could Malcolm not know who he asked Nate to kill?

That was Ethan!

The king of the forbidden territory of Greencliff in China!

The frightening demon who destroyed the Moore family and Kings Sect with one hand!

Malcolm was still pretending not to know?

“There’s no point in lying to you! Who on earth is that person?” yelled Malcolm in frustration.

Suddenly, his entire body shuddered and his eyes went into a daze. He stared blankly at Nate and his lips trembled. “It’s…it’s him?”

Nate narrowed his eyes. “Ethan Hunt!”

“Ethan Hunt!”

Malcolm gulped. He had guessed it was Ethan, because the person he really wanted Nate to kill was Ethan!


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