Billionaire God of War Chapter 1304

Chapter 1304

After the Moore family was out of the picture, the three families rose up and everything actually became more balanced.

But they all knew well that nobody was willing to let their share go and everyone wanted more.

The economy in China was doing well and many corporations had plans to expand overseas. That was good business for them, and this as a business that made money without them doing anything.

But if the reputation of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce went down because of the Merlyn family, then who was going to make up for this loss?

So the heads of the Keane and Weaver families came to look for Jasper not only to put pressure on him, but also to take away the Merlyn family’s share!

“We must minimize this bad effect,” said Ardon Weaver. “Jasper, we’ve worked together for so many years, you shouldn’t be so selfish.”

Jasper had an unpleasant look on his face.

What could he say now?

Things had happened to the Merlyn family and he couldn’t hide it from them.

These two wily old foxes had come looking for him together, and Jasper knew they were after his share.

“Then what do you two want to do?”

Jasper’s expression had also darkened.

Rodger Keane was right. They had to think of a way to minimize the effect of this matter on their reputation, otherwise the ones who would lose out wouldn’t just be the Keane and Weaver families. The Merlyn family would stand to lose even more!

These two families were here to put him in a spot!

“It’s not too difficult. We’ll just need the Merlyn family to temporarily back out of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and leave the running to us during this period of time.”

Ardon Weaver quietly sighed. “This is for the good of all three of us.”

“That’s right!”

Before Jasper could say anything Rodger Keane cut in, “This is for the good of all three of us. We can’t allow the problems of the Merlyn family to affect the rest of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. Jasper, I’m sure you’re very aware of this.”

If the other two families were the ones with a problem, Jasper would use this method on them too.

This was the only way to salvage the situation. The only problem was that if he wasn’t involved with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce for a period of time and even completely back out for the time being, then it would be hard for him to come back or have enough power in his hands to negotiate for anything.

“The Merlyn family will come back into the picture, but before that, you have to settle your own problems first.”

Rodger continued, “As for who is making trouble for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Weaver family and I will settle it. The Merlyn family doesn’t have to worry about this.”

Jasper didn’t say anything.

He sat on his chair and clutched the arm rests as he closed his eyes slightly. His heart was fuming away, but he showed none of it on his face.

“I need to think about it,” he finally said after a long time as he turned to look at the other two.

“Of course, the Chinese Chamber of Commerce will be my priority, you don’t have to worry,” he said in a serious tone.

“Fine, you can think about it. Make a decision quickly. The longer you drag this out, the greater the loss will be to the Merlyn family, so you’d better think about it carefully.”

Rodger and Ardon stood up and exchanged glances. They both knew that Jasper would definitely agree because he had no other choice.

The two of them didn’t say anymore. They left to arrange for other matters and quietly waited for the Merlyn family to back out temporarily.

As long as the Merlyn family was willing to back out, then that would probably become more than just a temporary arrangement.

Not long after the two of them left, Malcolm returned to the house. He didn’t care that he looked a mess or that his hair resembled a beggar’s.

He hurriedly ran to his father and fell to his knees with a loud thud.

“Dad! I was wrong! I was wrong!”

“I offended the wrong person! I really offended the wrong person!”

Malcolm’s voice was trembling and his face was void of color.

Jasper was really about to blow up. He looked at his son and tried to stop himself from killing him as he said with an icy voice, “What on earth is going on?”

“I…I’ve offended someone! Someone we can’t afford to offend!”

Malcolm knelt on the floor and his entire head was filled with Ethan’s name. He felt like he could even see how the Moore family and Kings Sect had been massacred…

“Go and beg him! Beg him to be merciful to us and let us off!”


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