Billionaire God of War Chapter 1306

Chapter 1306

After a long time, Jasper calmed down.

The older man had more experience after all.

He guessed that if Ethan really wanted to kill them off, the Merlyn family wouldn’t still be alive right now. But since Ethan didn’t do that, his aim wasn’t the Merlyn family.

One mere Merlyn family wouldn’t catch his eye.

After thinking more about it, Jasper finally understood what Ethan was trying to do.

“One must give up something in order to gain something. If the Merlyn family wants to survive this crisis, we must give up some things.”

Malcolm shuddered when he heard these words.

“Dad…I don’t want to die…you only have one son!”

Jasper glared at him. “When it’s time to die, never mind you – I can forget about staying alive too!”

“So just shut up!”

Malcolm shut his mouth and stopped talking.

Jasper immediately picked up the phone and called Rodger.

He knew that Rodger and Ardon were definitely still together and discussing how they could take a bigger cut from him.

“You two want it so much, right? I’ll give it to you!”

The call got through.

“I’ve thought about it carefully.”

Jasper’s tone of voice immediately changed.

He sighed. “This incident is my family’s problem, and this has affected the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, so I should bear the responsibility.”

“I can back out of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce permanently. I can also give up everything I have on my hands, but my only condition is that I want you to buy it off me at an additional 20% of the price!”

The other side didn’t seem to have hesitated at all and immediately agreed.

An additional 20% to take everything the Merlyn family had? They would be able to earn way more than this in the future!

Rodger and Ardon knew that the Merlyn family would definitely back out, it was just a matter of time. If the Chinese Chamber of Commerce lost more money, then the Merlyn family’s share would be worth even less.

After putting down the phone, Jasper narrowed his eyes.

He looked at Malcolm, and that glare made Malcolm tremble all over.


Malcolm gulped. He never thought that the Merlyn family would end up giving up their share so easily. That was what the Merlyn family managed to hang on to after decades of work!

“Do you want money or your life?” Jasper scoffed. “Malcolm, you’d better remember this day for the rest of your life! The Merlyn family has ended up in this state because you were blind! And you offended someone you shouldn’t have!”

Malcolm didn’t dare to say anything.

“I don’t know if the Merlyn family can survive or not, but if we don’t let go of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, then we’ll definitely die!”

When it came to the things that Jasper had seen and the boldness he possessed, he was definitely way ahead of his own son.

Jasper walked over to his son and looked down at him as he gently patted his head.

“If you want the Merlyn family to live on, then you have to bear with many things, do you understand?”

Malcolm looked up and he could see a complicated look flash in Jasper’s eyes. He suddenly felt afraid, but he didn’t dare to argue back and just nodded.


At Palmer Group’s overseas office.

All the staff came early in the morning to get to work.

These people worked hard for their dreams, so they didn’t feel tired at all.

But they all stopped in their footsteps and were stunned when they reached the office entrance.

Someone was kneeling at the office entrance without a shirt, and his back had been whipped to the point where he was bleeding!

It was Malcolm.

Jasper was standing next to him with a leather whip in hand and a stern expression on his face. He stood straight like a long spear.

“We sincerely seek Mr. Hunt’s forgiveness for my son’s offensive behavior!” he shouted loudly.


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