Billionaire God of War Chapter 1307

Chapter 1307

Everyone watching was completely stunned.

This was a busy street and there were a lot of people walking through this area at this hour.

Many people had already taken out their phones to film this scene.

Jasper had really completely disregarded his own image and his family’s reputation!

“We ask for Mr. Hunt’s forgiveness!”

Jasper stood there with his back straight and unwavering as he didn’t seem to care about how everyone was looking at him.

He lifted his wrist…

The leather whip in his hand lashed across Malcolm and blood immediately spurted.

Malcolm clenched his teeth tightly, but the pain still made his entire body shudder, and even his tears and mucus were flowing out. He let out a howl, then kept quiet again.

Everyone around them was really shocked.

Those who worked for Palmer Group knew who this Mr. Hunt was, but the passersby wouldn’t know.

They only knew that Jasper and his son were apologizing, begging for mercy and begging for forgiveness!

They didn’t know who this Mr. Hunt was.

But they could see the huge signboard of Palmer Group’s.

So these two had offended Palmer Group and were here to beg for forgiveness, right?

But what company was this Palmer Group? They hadn’t opened for business too long ago.

Information about this matter was quickly leaked and the media came soon after. Nobody wanted to miss reporting on such news.

When someone shouted out who Jasper was and said that he was one of the pioneers of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the entire place was in an uproar.

Everyone in Las Vegas knew how influential the Chinese Chamber of Commerce was. But right now, one of the pioneers, Jasper, had actually brought his own son to kneel before Palmer Group’s office entrance and beg for forgiveness!

Jasper didn’t care about how others were staring at them. He continued to stand there and whip Malcolm from time to time.

The sound was crisp and clear.

Palmer Group’s employees cautiously walked around them and went into the office. This wasn’t something they should handle.

Ethan and Diane had already gone upstairs to their office from the basement carpark.

It was Harold who told them what was happening at the entrance.

“This Jasper is really vicious and he’s going to whip his own son to death soon!” Harold sighed. “Back then, four powerful families had come together to create the Chinese Chamber of Commerce precisely to suck money out of the Chinese merchants who set up businesses overseas. And now they’re only left with two.”

The Moore family was gone and the Merlyn family had already backed out. Ethan didn’t even care about the remaining Keane and Weaver families.

Harold knew very well that this Chinese Chamber of Commerce wasn’t even qualified to be an opponent to Ethan in the first place.

“He’s a smart man,” said Ethan calmly. “If he doesn’t beat Malcolm to death himself, then Malcolm is really going to die.”

He turned to glance at the busy Diane.

“Let them come up.”

“Got it.”

Harold nodded, then turned to go downstairs.

Jasper was still standing there, while Malcolm was covered with blood.

His entire body was trembling and convulsing as he couldn’t control his movements at all. His face was already deathly white and his legs were numb after kneeling for so long.

“Mr Merlyn.” Harold walked out and looked at Jasper. “Putting up this show in front of our entrance isn’t a good thing for Palmer Group, you know?”

His expression was calm, but his voice was a little stern. He was clearly rather unhappy with what Jasper had done.


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