Billionaire God of War Chapter 1305

Chapter 1305

“What on earth are you talking about?!”

Jasper was already in a bad mood. Now that Malcolm was blithering away, he slapped him hard and shouted, “Speak properly!”

“It’s Ethan!” Malcolm couldn’t be bothered with how swollen his cheek was. He shouted loudly, “It’s him! He’s the one who destroyed the Moore family!”

“He’s the one who exterminated the Kings Sect!”

Jasper’s brain instantly went blank.

“What did you say?”

He couldn’t really believe it and was confused for a moment.

What had this got to do with the Moore family and Kings Sect?

“That Palmer Group! Ethan is one of Palmer Group’s! The Moore family had a feud with Palmer Group back in China and so Ethan wiped them out!”

“He didn’t even leave the Kings Sect behind!”

Malcolm continued to shout away, “Nate was nearly frightened to death when he saw Ethan, so when I told him to kill Ethan, he ended up turning on me instead…”

Jasper shuddered and nearly lost his balance.

The Moore family?

Kings Sect?

They had all been destroyed by Ethan?

The person that Malcolm had offended was Ethan!

He spun around violently and glared at Malcolm as he really wished he could slap his son to death right now.

Of all the people to offend, he had to offend that terrifying fellow!

“Are you and that Ethan in a bitter feud?” asked Jasper anxiously.

“No…I don’t think so, just a few disagreements.”

Malcolm thought about it and figured it wouldn’t be considered a matter of life and death.

Besides, the one on the losing end had always been him and the one who made losses was the Merlyn family. Surely Ethan didn’t have to kill him too, right?

“Dad, think of something! Think of something!”

Malcolm started to feel scared.

A powerful family like the Moore family had turned to dust, and even the century old power that had been dominating for years like Kings Sect had been completely eliminated by Ethan.

What was the Merlyn family to a man like him?

“Think of a way? How am I supposed to think of anything?”

Jasper kicked Malcolm and sent him flying.

He was already having a big enough headache.

He sat down and roared at Malcolm, “Come here! Tell me exactly what happened from the very beginning!”

Malcolm didn’t dare to hide anything from his father, and immediately recounted everything that happened to Jasper.

After listening to everything, Jasper frowned and looked upwards as he sighed.

“You are an idiot! This is a fight between the L’Oreals and Palmer Group, so why did you go and become a tool in the process?”

He was going to die from his fury soon.

Malcolm didn’t dare to speak.

He quietly knelt on the floor and didn’t dare to speak anymore.

But now that he thought about it, given Amelia’s identity and position, if she wanted to help Palmer Group, why would she need to go through him?

She could have looked for the three heads who controlled the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

But she didn’t do that because if Jasper was the one who heard these words, he would have immediately smelled a rat and wouldn’t have fallen for this trap.

But Malcolm was too young and rash, and wasn’t steady enough in the first place.

He only thought about how he could prove himself in front of Amelia and never thought about where this Palmer Group came from or why Amelia was so bothered by them.

This stupid idiot didn’t even think about how Palmer Group couldn’t possibly be an ordinary company since the princess of the L’Oreal family took notice of them.

“What are we going to do? You’re asking me now? How the hell do I know?!”

Jasper had two people in his heart right now.

One of them told him to kill this stupid boy, this fellow who couldn’t get anything right!

The other one agreed.

If he didn’t only have this one son, Jasper really wanted to just kill him on the spot. He didn’t even mind if Ethan killed him off for him.

Malcolm hung his head and didn’t say anything.

He didn’t dare to speak at all. He was afraid that if he said anything, Jasper would grab a knife and slit his throat right away.


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