Billionaire God of War Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309

Jasper immediately felt a terrible pressure hit him in the face.

Ethan was calm and there wasn’t any emotion on his face, but he could still feel that overwhelming aura spewing out from him, and the pressure was making it hard for him to breathe.

Jasper suddenly thought about how desperate Dalton must have felt when he was faced with Ethan.

“I can make the Chinese Chamber of Commerce collapse…”

“I don’t need you for that. They’re going to collapse soon.” Ethan shook his head.

The Merlyn family didn’t have to do anything about that. Palmer Group had successfully set up their office overseas and the news about how the Merlyn family had come to Palmer Group’s office to beg for forgiveness had spread.

As long as these Chinese merchants weren’t blind or deaf, they would have found out about this matter already.

With Palmer Group leading the way, then even if they didn’t want to work with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce anymore, nobody would dare to make trouble for the merchants anymore.

Because Ethan said before that as long as Palmer Group was around, then they wouldn’t allow any of the Chinese merchants doing business overseas around them to be bullied either.

There was no longer any reason for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to exist anymore, so it would disappear by itself. There was no need for the Merlyn family to do anything.

“I have a lot of experience in overseas markets…”

Jasper started to panic.

“So do I.”

Harold coughed a few times and he pointed to the thick stack of name cards on the table in front of Ethan. “They’ve got plenty of experience too, as long as Palmer Group needs any advice.”

Jasper got even more anxious.

Those were all the things he had. All of the Merlyn family’s wealth and assets added together was probably mere pittance to Ethan.

“I can do anything for Palmer Group! Even if I had to die!” said Jasper loudly.

The entire office instantly fell silent.

Ethan looked at Jasper and suddenly burst out laughing.

“I’m a little interested in that. But are you sure you can do what you say?”

Jasper nodded.

Even if Ethan told him to die now, he couldn’t go back on his word anymore.

But he believed that Ethan was not such a whimsical man. The Merlyn family was definitely of some value to him that was enough to keep them alive.

“The overseas market is very large and Palmer Group does need people with much experience like you. Besides North America, there’s still Europe, the Middle East, Africa and more places waiting for us to expand into.”

Ethan turned towards Harold. “Which area’s team have we not confirmed yet?”

“The Middle East.” Harold narrowed his gaze and immediately replied, “We’re only left with the Middle East.”

Jasper’s pupils narrowed violently.

The Middle East?

That area that was constantly at war?

Palmer Group wanted to expand into the Middle East? Was that a joke?

“Mr Merlyn.” Ethan looked up at Jasper.

“Yes, Mr. Hunt”!” Jasper quickly replied.

“I’m only left with vacancies in the Middle East team.”

Jasper was a little pale and his heart was pounding. Going to the Middle East meant that he had to give up everything the Merlyn family had right now.

And he wasn’t even sure if he would survive if he went to such a war torn area.

But if he didn’t go, then his family was doomed for sure.

“I’ll go,” replied Jasper immediately. “I can help Palmer Group to expand into the Middle East market. I can take on anything Palmer Group needs me to do. All I hope is for Mr. Hunt to let me son off.”

“Dad!” Malcolm couldn’t take it anymore and called out to his father in a hoarse voice.

If he hadn’t offended Ethan, the Merlyn family wouldn’t end up in this sorry state.

What sort of place was the Middle East?

That was a war torn area and didn’t have any market to speak of. That was a place where human lives weren’t even worth anything, much less anything else!

“Ethan! If you want to kill me, just kill me! I’m not afraid to die!” yelled Malcolm angrily. “Kill me if you can! Don’t push my dad to the grave like that!”


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