Billionaire God of War Chapter 1310

Chapter 1310

“Shut up!” shouted Jasper.

Ethan had no expression on his face and remained calm. He didn’t care about what Malcolm said at all.

“Even if I’m going, that’s my own decision and Mr. Hunt did not force me! What do you know?”

Jasper could see that Malcolm wanted to speak again, so he slapped him, then picked up the leather whip to whip his son again. “I told you to shut up!”

His eyes were bloodshot.

Things had already come to this point. There was no way he could back out now.

Going to the Middle East wasn’t just the chance to live, but also a way for Ethan and Palmer Group to test him. Palmer Group was such a huge corporation, so if they didn’t have anything good enough to offer and no recommendation from others, there was no way they could join Palmer Group or catch Ethan’s eye.

There were so many people and so many powers who would want to follow someone like Ethan if given the chance. Nobody would give this chance up.

“Mr. Hunt, don’t worry, I’ll take charge of expanding Palmer Group into the Middle East! If I can’t get this done, then you can end my life anytime!”

Ethan nodded. “You’re a straightforward one. I hope you don’t disappoint me.”

Then Ethan didn’t bother himself with Jasper anymore.

Jasper and Malcolm respectfully gave a bow before cautiously leaving the room.

After they went back downstairs, Malcolm couldn’t hold it in anymore.

“Why do you have to work for him like this? If he doesn’t want to let me off, then he can just kill me! He’s humiliated the Merlyn family and humiliated you! I can’t take this lying down!”

Malcolm never thought that offending Ethan would result in such severe consequences.

It was fine if he had to suffer humiliation, but now even his father had to suffer insults from Ethan and Ethan was even sending them to the Middle East? Wasn’t that as good as being sent to die?!

“This is a blessing in disguise,” Jasper sighed and glanced at Malcolm. “Now it looks like offending him turns out to be a good thing. Do you understand?”

Malcolm was stunned.

He shook his head and his face was covered in confusion.

How did this become a good thing?

His back was covered with whip wounds!

Jasper had just humble himself before Ethan and lost all the dignity the head of the Merlyn family should have!

But now Jasper was saying that this was a good thing?

“You will understand in due course. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce is destined to be destroyed, and the Keane and Weaver families will definitely come to a terrible end! I just hope that after going through all of this, you will be able to mature.”

Jasper continued, “Ethan…is a really deep character! Didn’t you notice that everyone around him was extremely capable? But which one of them dares to be arrogant in front of him? Didn’t you notice any of this when you walked into Palmer Group?”

Malcolm shuddered.

He suddenly realized that it was true. The confidence and ease on every staff’s face as he walked through the office was something he had not seen anywhere else.

It didn’t matter that they were merely ordinary office workers.

“Even if we can’t follow Ethan, we must not offend him. You must remember this. I must go to the Middle East and I could die. But perhaps, I could also create a path for you, and to create a path for the future of the Merlyn family!”

Malcolm wanted to speak but he didn’t know what to say. He seemed to have matured in an instant as two lines of tears streamed down his cheeks.

Even if Jasper beat him till his entire back was covered with wounds, he knew that it was for his own good.

“Dad…” Malcolm suddenly knelt down with a thud and violently kowtowed. The ground was instantly covered with blood.


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