Billionaire God of War Chapter 1311

Chapter 1311

Malcolm really regretted it now. He regretted being young and rash, he regretted being too easily manipulated by others. That was how the Merlyn family ended up like this now!

What blessing in disguise?

Even if there was now an escape route for the Merlyn family, the moment Malcolm thought about how his father was going to the Middle East, a land torn apart by war, his heart started to feel heavy.

Malcolm kowtowed and the ground was instantly dyed red.

“Dad, I’ll go with you!” he said with determination. “I created this problem, so I will bear the consequences myself!”

“You silly boy!” Jasper immediately pulled Malcolm up and shouted at him, “Whatever for? I only have one son! I can die, but you can’t! Do you understand?!”

“I want to go!”

Malcolm suddenly became stubborn.

“I said, I created this mess, so I shall bear the consequences myself!” He gritted his teeth and his eyes were bloodshot. “I don’t think that Ethan can really kill me this way!”

Jasper looked at his son and took a deep breath. He finally nodded after a long time.

The two of them returned to the house and didn’t hesitate to announce that the Merlyn family was going to leave Las Vegas. But they didn’t say where they were going.

They sold off everything they had except their own house, because they would come back sooner or later!

The Merlyn family had left in a terrible hurry, and many people started trying to guess what happened.

The Keane and Weaver families in particular, were very suspicious.

They had just agreed the day before to let the Merlyn family back out of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, and had also agreed to buy Jasper out at an additional 20% of what his share was worth.

Before they realized what was happening, Jasper had taken the money and skipped town. They didn’t even know where he had gone.

They just felt that something was amiss.

They were all wily old foxes, so they all knew very well that neither of them would give up such a huge amount of profit for nothing.

Jasper had been half forced out of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, so that could be explained. But why did he suddenly leave Las Vegas as well?

The Merlyn family had been here for a few decades now, and everything they had was in this city.

“Have you heard?” Rodger called Ardon over. “Jasper went to look for Palmer Group.”

“Whatever for?”

“To apologize.” Rodger had an unsettled expression on his face. “He brought that son of his along as well, and I heard that he whipped Malcolm all over and forced him to kneel in front of the Palmer Group office entrance to apologize.”

Ardon immediately started frowning.

They both exchanged glances. There was definitely something fishy about this whole thing.

What was this father and son trying to do?

Surely they weren’t so terrified by Palmer Group, right?

“The ones who kidnapped Malcolm were from Palmer Group?” Ardon broke the silence after a long time. “If that’s the case, then this Palmer Group is a vicious lot as well, since they could actually make Jasper give in to them.”

He paused for a while and seemed to be in deep thought.

“What about our families?”

“We have to carry on with our usual business, of course. We’ll wait and see.”

Rodger was rather worried and had a feeling that things weren’t as simple as they seemed.

He knew Jasper very well and would never believe that Jasper would surrender so easily or do something this disgraceful.

Dragging his son to beg for forgiveness in public was essentially embarrassing the entire Merlyn family.

Even if he didn’t want to leave Las Vegas, he would be too embarrassed to stay.

The two of them didn’t say anything and thought about this quietly. They would just have to quietly observe and act accordingly.


At the L’Oreal family.

Amelia was watching everything closely. The Merlyn family’s movements were all within her knowledge.

But even she was surprised.

“We’ve earned a little, but it’s less than my estimate,” she sighed and looked extremely unhappy.


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