Billionaire God of War Chapter 1312

Chapter 1312

Amelia had gotten her subordinates to watch the Merlyn family carefully because she knew that after offending Ethan, they weren’t going to end well for sure. Even the Chinese Chamber of Commerce was definitely doomed.

But Jasper and his son didn’t die, and they even kept the house as well. This was very puzzling indeed.

“Miss L’Oreal, my men have been watching Jasper and his son, and we’ve noticed that their expressions are a little different.”

Amelia nodded to let her subordinate continue.

“Malcolm’s expression is filled with fury and even looks murderous, but Jasper looks hesitant but motivated. Or rather, he looks like he’s just managed to survive a terrible disaster and he has seen the light again.”

“Is this description accurate?” asked Amelia.

“I’ve checked, there shouldn’t be any issues.”

Amelia didn’t say anymore.

She put the glass of red wine in her hand down and leaned against the sofa. She seemed to have gone into a strange mode where she couldn’t hear what others were saying and just remained in her own world.

After a long time, she sighed and started to feel angry.

Why was she always one step slower than Ethan?

“Alright, you may leave.”

“Yes, Miss L’Oreal.”

Amelia sat on the sofa by herself. She pulled her phone out and called Ethan.

“7PM tonight at Asher’s Hotel for dinner, I’ll see you there.” She laughed and added, “Tell CEO Palmer not to worry, it’s a public place and I won’t dare to do anything to you.”

She hung up the phone and turned to walk into her closet. She pressed a button and three walls of clothing revealed themselves. Not a single item was repeated and the entire closet was full.

She reached out and looked through a couple of pieces but wasn’t very pleased with them. She then walked over to some other clothes and picked out a few.

She behaved like she was going to meet someone especially important that night. She didn’t even spend so much effort on the L’Oreal’s annual dinner.

Amelia finally finished choosing what to wear and looked at herself in the mirror as she scrutinized her figure, as if she was wondering which dress would make Ethan take a few more looks at her.

Sometimes women could be petty like this. She had been ignored by Ethan the last time and she remembered that clearly.

She wasn’t going to forget it for the rest of her life.

On the other hand,

Ethan switched off the speakerphone mode, then hung up the phone. He looked at Diane and didn’t say anything.

“She knows I’m listening.” Diane knew that Amelia’s last sentence was for her. “You can go meet her for dinner. I’m sure she needs to tell you something.”

“I have a bad feeling about it,” said Ethan nervously. “Or maybe I shouldn’t go.”

“Go for dinner!” Diane scoffed. “Why not?”

Ethan tried to understand what Diane really meant. “So…should I go or not?”

“Go.” Diane scoffed, “I’m not worried about you, and I want to know what this woman is trying to do. If she’s still trying to snatch you away from me, then I’m not going to play nice anymore!”

Ethan was suddenly excited.

He pulled Diane into his arms and said very seriously, “Not going to play nice anymore? In what way? Wifey, I’m a little curious to know.”

“Are you going to leave a mark on my body to show that you own me?”

Ethan laughed and unbuttoned his own collar as he pointed at his neck. “Wifey, I’m all ready for it!”

“Stop it!”

Diane’s face immediately reddened. This Ethan was seriously so cheeky! Who said anything about marking him as her own?

Even if she wanted to mark him, she wouldn’t do it on his neck. She wasn’t that open minded!

“But I have to remind you that this woman dug such a huge trap for Palmer Group, and I’m afraid she’s trying to dig another one tonight. Hubby, you have to be careful, ok? Don’t fall for this beauty’s charms. If you want to fall for one…”

She bit her lips and her face was as pink as a peach as the red flush on her face made her look even more attractive. “…you’ve got one in the house!”


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