Billionaire God of War Chapter 1317

Chapter 1317

The two men sat in the office with one foot resting on the other knee. They didn’t look like they were here to negotiate at all.

On the contrary, they looked arrogant, like they were above others.

Ashley looked at the two of them and frowned slightly.

“Sirs, please watch your manners. This is Palmer Group and not your home.”

After working for Diane and Ethan for so long, she carried a similar aura to them as well.

In front of Ethan and Diane, she remained a good secretary and never crossed the line.

But if anybody dared to make trouble in Palmer Group, then she didn’t care if you were a big shot or a deity descended from heaven – she was going to scold you anyway!

Back when she was still new, she still risked her life to protect Diane. Protecting Palmer Group had become both her honor and her responsibility!

“Who are you? How dare you talk to both of us like that? Do you know who we are?”

“I don’t know,” Ashley replied without holding back. “Palmer Group welcomes people from anywhere, but we don’t welcome anybody who’s rude, uncultured or poorly behaved!”

“Why, you…”

Ardon became furious and slammed the table as if he was about to get up.

Ashley wasn’t afraid of him.

“If you’re here to talk business, then be patient and wait. If you want to make trouble, then go ahead,” she said calmly. “Our Brother Geoff does enjoy it when someone tries to make trouble.”

Just as she said so, Brother Geoff walked in with two others.

He looked at Rodger and Ardon expressionlessly.

“Is someone trying to make trouble?”

“Brother Geoff, they want to fight it out with Palmer Group until we all die,” said Ashley calmly. “CEO Palmer and Brother Ethan are both not around, but we can’t let others just make trouble in Palmer Group, right?”

Brother Geoff then walked over to stand in front of Rodger and Ardon.

Before they could stand, Brother Geoff reached two hands out to press their shoulders down.

“Gentlemen, you’re both from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, right?”

“Who are you?”

Rodger frowned and tried to stand, only to find that Brother Geoff was pressing his shoulder down so firmly that he couldn’t move at all, as if a mountain was on his shoulder. There was also a murderous aura that filled the air immediately.

This murderous air had locked down on both of them.

“I do have quite the feud with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce,” said Brother Geoff quietly. “The Moore family, Kings Sect, the Merlyn family…their destruction all have something to do with me.”

Rodger and Ardon both shuddered when they heard these words. They thought they had heard him wrongly.

“The Moore family…” Ardon gulped. “You said…the Moore family?”

“I said the Moore family, Kings Sect and the Merlyn family. Listen up, all this was done by me. Both of you don’t have to be so impatient, it’ll be your turn soon enough.”

Brother Geoff spoke very softly but it was filled with an intensely murderous tone. Rodger and Ardon immediately felt very cold all over.


Ardon wanted to turn his head but Brother Geoff pressed down on him and didn’t let him turn his head.

“You want to fight to the bitter end with Palmer Group?”

“I’m telling you now – the fish will die, but the net isn’t going to break!”

“If you’re both here to beg for mercy, then you might get a chance, like the Merlyn family. But if this is the sort of attitude you have, then you can’t blame us for getting nasty.”

Brother Geoff patted their shoulders and said calmly, “After sucking out so much money from the Chinese merchants, did you think you two would meet with a good end? Go home and prepare for your last rites on earth.”

He then turned and left.

Rodger and Ardon weren’t sure how they managed to walk out of Palmer Group. They felt like their souls had left them and they weren’t even able to think anymore.

Brother Geoff had basically told them to prepare for their funerals.

After Rodger reached home, his soul hadn’t come back yet.

He didn’t understand where everything had gone wrong.

But after he thought about what Brother Geoff said again, he suddenly realized why Jasper had brought his son to kneel at Palmer Group’s entrance, and why he was suddenly willing to fully withdraw from the Chinese Chamber of Commerce and even sell off all his assets at low prices!

It was all because…he simply couldn’t afford to offend Palmer Group!


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