Billionaire God of War Chapter 1318

Chapter 1318

Rodger’s body shuddered violently.

Who else in Las Vegas could hold up against Palmer Group now?

He was getting scared.

He was really scared now.

He didn’t hesitate further as he picked up his phone to make a call.

The call finally got through after a while.

“Rodger here. The last time you mentioned you wanted to be part of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce…what? You don’t want to anymore? Why?”

Rodger’s heart started panicking but he tried to keep calm.

“The Merlyn family has backed out and there’s a good chance now, so why…how could the Chinese Chamber of Commerce collapse? That’s not possible. Where did you hear this rumor from? You…Hello? Hello?!”

He continued to make several more phone calls. These were all people who showed interest in having a share in the Chinese Chamber of Commerce before, but now none of them wanted to join anymore.

Some of them even said that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce was going to collapse soon!

Where did they get such news from?

Even the L’Oreal family hung up on him the minute they heard him mention the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

Rodger was now at the brink of despair.

Everything had happened too quickly and he was still in shock.

“Prepare my last rites…”

Rodger gulped and his face was rather pale as he sat in the hall and didn’t move for a long time.

Every single Chinese merchant in Las Vegas had terminated their contracts with the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

After the Merlyn family had left in defeat, everyone could see that it was the end of the road for the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

As long as Palmer Group and Ethan’s words were here, they didn’t need the support of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce at all. They just needed to declare that they were Chinese merchants, and nobody in Las Vegas would dare to bully them!

In just one night.

The Keane and Weaver families had vanished.

Everything had happened so quickly and left no traces behind. But everyone knew that the Chinese Chamber of Commerce was gone forever.

Back at the hotel.

Diane had started packing her things.

The overseas office had been set up successfully and the rules and order that Diane needed for it to run well had all been set in place.

With Harold in charge here, she didn’t have to worry. She set Las Vegas as the center of everything and got the various businesses under Palmer Group to expand in all directions from here.

Ethan was seated in the living room.

“We’ve given out instructions already.”

Brother Geoff and the rest had gone for another walk around the 13 districts. Kent had gone along with them and watched as all those bosses looked so subservient and obedient towards them. He had never felt so glorious before.

“Mr. Hunt, don’t worry. As long as I’m around, those fellows will behave themselves and won’t try to do anything funny to the Chinese merchants again!”

Kent looked a little excitedly at Ethan. “Mr. Hunt, when are you coming to Las Vegas again?”

“If I don’t have to, I won’t come back here. Don’t make trouble for me,” replied Ethan calmly.

The overseas office was all set up now. Las Vegas was just going to be one of their bases. This was just the first base!

Palmer Group had plenty of room to expand in the future. They weren’t going to remain only in Las Vegas or only in North America. Ethan wanted to expand across the globe to cover the whole world!

Since the Extreme Fist Technique Manual could be anywhere, then he wasn’t going to let off any possibility. No matter what, he had to locate those pages before His Lordship did.

Ethan turned and saw that Diane was almost done packing, so he walked over to Kent.

“There are a lot of Chinese merchants preparing to open their offices within the Eighth District, so that would create a number of jobs. That’s a chance for you to work hard and change the current situation of this place.”

Kent took a deep breath and nodded very seriously.

“Thank you, Mr. Hunt! On behalf of all the children living in the slum, thank you, Mr. Hunt!”


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