Billionaire God of War Chapter 1319

Chapter 1319

Ethan didn’t say anymore and just patted Kent’s shoulder.

There were some things that didn’t need him to settle it personally and he wasn’t obliged to either, but Kent was.

In this place, Ethan was not responsible for taking care of these people. He only needed to take care of the Chinese merchants, the ones who were his fellow countrymen.

Now that Palmer Group’s overseas branch had been successfully set up, the work here was done.

With a wily old fox like Harold to settle everything here, Ethan wasn’t worried at all.

He chased everyone out of the room and went to take a nice bath and washed away all the laziness he felt.

Diane had already bathed and was lying in bed.

“Wifey, you said you wanted me to fall for a beauty’s charms, are you ready?”

Ethan dived under the blanket and pulled Diane into his arms. “Hubby would like to fall for this honeytrap now!”


The plane flew directly to Greencliff.

Ethan sent Diane home to rest first.

Diane hadn’t slept well because she was busy setting up the overseas office, and she still tired herself out with that honeytrap she set up.

“Big Boss, I’ll send Jasmine home first, and then talk about…” Number Five’s face turned red as he scratched his head awkwardly. “…then talk about betrothal gifts.”

It was high time for someone of Number Five’s age to get married. Since he had finally found a woman who was truly devoted to him, Ethan gave them his blessing.

“Get a car from Tom and drive her home,” said Ethan. “Don’t make things awkward for Jasmine.”

“Yes, Big Boss!”

Since they were living in this material world, then there were times when they had to live according to the ways of this material world. Ethan knew that very well.

Perhaps Jasmine might not care for these material things, but her family would probably care. Anyone would want to make sure their daughter married someone who was capable of taking care of her after all.

And of course, Ethan would make sure that his men got the best.

Meanwhile, he brought Brother Geoff back to Extreme Martial Arts Academy.

Before returning to Greencliff, Ivan had already called Ethan to say that Evan had come back.

At Extreme Martial Arts Academy.

Evan sat there and pulled a long face as if everyone owed him a few million dollars. His expression was extremely unapproachable.

Evan saw Ethan come in from afar and stood to his feet immediately.

“Senior! The Academy Head is back!” someone shouted out excitedly.

Evan ignored him.

The moment Ethan walked in, Evan immediately ran up and said, “I want to challenge you again!”

Ethan glanced at him, frowned slightly and shook his head. “You’re too weak, I’m not interested. Wait another few more years.”

Then he didn’t even give Evan a second glance.

That distant and disdainful glance made Evan furious.

He stared as Ethan walked away and wanted to shout after him, but he held himself back.

Too weak…

Evan was considered one of the best among the youngest generation of the Drake family, and Ethan said he was too weak and he wasn’t interested in fighting him?


“Who the hell is your Senior?!”

Evan started roaring like a lion when he heard the people around him try to call out to him. “If you continue calling me this, I’ll break all your legs!”

“Yes, Senior, we won’t do it again.”

Evan nearly fainted.

He really had no idea what sort of people these fellows in Greencliff were.

They were all so thick-skinned and his threats didn’t work on them. If he really bashed them up, they actually got excited!

Wasn’t there a single normal human being among the followers of Ethan?

Evan was really going crazy.

Daniel was a bastard for tricking him into coming here. Now he didn’t dare to go home because he would get scolded, but he simply couldn’t stand staying in Greencliff either!


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