Billionaire God of War Chapter 1320

Chapter 1320

Evan just wanted to have a duel with Ethan and kept challenging Ethan even though he knew that he was no match for Ethan. Their levels were too far apart and even the result would still be the same a hundred matches later.

But Evan was also indignant to let Ethan walk away like that. On top of that, he had turned away from home and he didn’t dare to go home at all.

Evan sat back down on the stool and stared at the disciples of the academy, swinging their fists and legs about. This made him even angrier.

“Do you know how to box at all? Haven’t you eaten lunch yet?!” Evan started yelling loudly. “Your punches have to be straight, fierce and fast!”

He shouted and shouted, making himself angrier and angrier. He had repeated himself so many times and these guys still didn’t get it.

Evan just went up to demonstrate for them.

“Did you see that? That’s what you call a punch! A punch!”

“You still don’t get it?! Are you a pig?! Watch carefully, watch! Watch and do it at the same time! You need me to tell you that?”

“Are you trying to drive me to my grave? Your punches are so weak! Not like that…”


In the office.

Ivan was enjoying a nice pot of tea.

“This Evan is quite interesting,” he said calmly.

During this period, Evan came every day to look for Ethan to challenge him to a duel. But Ethan had been overseas and only came back today.

But Ethan didn’t even bother to look at him.

“His character isn’t too poor and he’s at an age where he’s very hot blooded,” Ethan laughed. “His gift is not bad either.”

Not many people could get a compliment from Ethan.

To Ethan, everyone was about the same. But gifts were something that was hard to come by.

There was no doubt that Evan was very gifted, but he was too impatient. He had no idea which highly skilled fighter Evan descended from either. His family clearly only taught him martial arts but didn’t teach him all the ethics and attitudes that came with learning martial arts.

It was like having a very powerful weapon but having no control over it. It would only end up harming yourself.

“Let him be. If he tries anything funny, just kill him,” said Ethan very nonchalantly.

He glanced at Ivan and didn’t want to talk about Evan anymore.

“Any new developments in the martial arts circle?”

He was more interested in this.

Evan didn’t want to say where he came from and Ethan and the rest could only guess, but Ethan didn’t like guessing.

But Ivan had kept a close eye on the martial arts circle.

“There’s some movement.” Ivan put his tea cup down. “Many people who have disappeared for a long time are all starting to become active again.”

Ethan narrowed his eyes.

He figured that His Lordship must be up to something again. His Lordship had been severely injured by his punch and would need quite some time to recuperate. But just because he couldn’t do anything didn’t mean he wouldn’t get other people to do things for him.

Everybody wanted their hands on the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. His Lordship was one of them, and the family behind him also wanted this. Nobody knew when another page would suddenly appear, so they had no choice but to be prepared at all times.

“You purposely named this place Extreme Martial Arts Academy to draw them here, right?”

Ivan looked at Ethan and took a deep breath.

Ethan’s style of doing things was always so random and it was difficult to use traditional logic to predict what he would do next.

Others would have carefully hidden away any pages of the manual that they had.

Regardless of whether it was Duncan or Dalton, they all practiced the technique in secret and made sure nobody knew about it. But Ethan…he seemed to be afraid that others might not know he had this manual on himself, and that he had three pages!

He was attracting so much attention!

He was being too high profile!

Wasn’t afraid that someone would come to steal them from him?

Honestly, Ethan really wasn’t afraid.

He was more worried that those people who were secretly coveting these pages would not dare to come out and snatch them away from him but remain hidden in the darkness. That was what he didn’t want.

If they came out and showed themselves, then it was easy to deal with them. He would send them on their way with one punch!

Ivan had a meaningful glance in his eyes. “If those fellows really come, I’m afraid I might not be able to hold up against them by myself.”


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