Billionaire God of War Chapter 1321

Chapter 1321

“Don’t worry, the term ‘forbidden territory of Greencliff’ is no joke, you know.”

Ethan laughed. He knew Ivan wasn’t really worried about this. “Besides, you’re secretly really powerful and I know that very well.”

A gleam flashed in Ivan’s eyes and he looked even more deeply at Ethan.

“It’s fine to pretend anyway. All you old fellows love doing this,” said Ethan with a shrug. “It’s very important to be low profile, I get it.”

He didn’t get this at all! Ivan couldn’t help but curse at Ethan in his heart.

People like Ivan did often maintain a low profile and always hid away what they were truly capable of. If Ethan didn’t remind him about it, he had nearly forgotten himself.

Martial artists did not compete on who lived more gloriously, but who lived a longer life.

“There are many things I have no choice but to face in this world. I’m carrying the weight of the entire Tanner family and the Northern High Kick Sect. I have too much to carry.”

Ivan sighed. “But I don’t have any descendants who can really carry all these things for me.”

He wasn’t getting any younger and he didn’t know how long he had to live. He hoped to groom someone to take over before he died.

“When I die, I don’t think I can rest in peace either. Sigh.”

Ivan looked so deeply at Ethan, it made Ethan feel uneasy.

“Alright, alright, I know what you’re trying to say,” Ethan got up. “Go back and tell Irving to follow me for one year. I guarantee that you’d be satisfied with the results.”

Ivan’s face immediately broke into a huge smile as he nodded and gently stroked his long beard.

“Since you’ve asked this of me, then surely I can’t refuse your offer, right? It’s good to give young people a chance. Sure, sure, I’ll get Irving to follow you for this period of time.”

Ivan didn’t want to look like he was the one asking for a favor, so Ethan let him be and just smiled and nodded.

Ethan’s phone rang.

It was a call from Butler Zed.

“Professor Aronnax has made a discovery?” Ethan narrowed his eyes. “I’ll be there in a while.”

He got up.

“Elder Tanner, you can help me to keep an eye on the academy. Let me know if there’s anything and I’ll drop by.”

“Sure, you go attend to whatever you need to.”

Ivan knew Ethan was very busy. He had agreed to what Ivan wanted already anyway.

Ethan walked out of the office and went past the main training area where Evan was already hopping mad.

“How many times do I have to repeat myself?! HUH?! How many times have I said this? It’s like this! LIKE THIS!”


“Don’t call me Senior! I don’t have such a stupid boy as my junior!”

“Senior, I’m a girl…my chest is just a little on the flat side…”

Ethan chortled but he didn’t say anything nor disrupt them and just left.

This Professor Aronnax was really dedicated to his work.

Ethan had given him $3 million at one shot the last time, so Enoch was both excited and touched at the same time. He kept saying that a young man like Ethan who respected knowledge and revered science was really hard to come by.

He couldn’t disappoint Ethan’s trust in him!

During this period of time, Enoch had practically forgotten to eat or sleep and just concentrated on his research all day and all night. Eventually, he really did make a new discovery.

Butler Zed had provided a research venue for Enoch that was near his information network headquarters because he knew that Enoch’s research was very important to Ethan.

He had also given Enoch a huge amount of ancient texts and historical research…Enoch was so excited to see all this that he couldn’t sleep for several days.

This was way more than everything he had!

Besides Enoch, there were also two of his students working for him inside the research lab. These students majored in ancient linguistics and literature, so it wasn’t easy for them to find a job after graduation either.

Besides continuing on their PhD and doing research or teaching, there weren’t many career paths for them to choose from.

“Mr. Hunt, this way please.”

Butler Zed pushed the door open. The two students inside looked up when they heard the sound of the door and looked a little confused.


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