Billionaire God of War Chapter 1325

Chapter 1325

Brynn patted his own chest. The family registry was always on him because he was afraid that Jasmine would come back and steal it.

If he didn’t use his younger sister to get more money, then who could he count on for money?

His parents?

Brynn looked at the older lady sweeping the floor and frowned. There was no way.

If his parents weren’t this useless, he wouldn’t have landed in this state either.

He had no money, no house, no car and he couldn’t even land a decent job. If his family had connections, then he could get some easy position where he wouldn’t have to work much and still get paid.

“Mum, you can’t agree to Jasmine’s marriage,” yelled Brynn. “What’s the point of marrying a security guard? If she wants to get married, she’d better marry a rich boss! Both of you are getting old, so you need money to retire too.”

The older lady looked up at Brynn and opened her mouth to speak, but hesitated before finally saying, “But if she wants to get married…”

“If she wants to?!” Brynn cut his mother off. “What does she know? I’m doing this for her own good! She’ll understand in the future!”

“That’s that. I have the final say.”

Brynn couldn’t be bothered to say anymore.

If he wasn’t getting $1 million in betrothal gifts, nobody could marry his sister.

Never mind a security guard. Even if a white collar worker wanted to marry his sister, he had to cough up the money first.

No money?

Then he could bloody get lost!

Brynn got up and walked over to his mother as he grinned.

“Mum, do you have money? Give me some, I’m going to eat with my friends.”

“I don’t have any, the last time you took…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Brynn dug into her pocket and fished out a few hundred dollars. He smiled, “I saw that Jasmine stuffed money into your pocket!”

Then he left the house.

“I won’t be back to eat tonight!”

Both the man and his voice disappeared.

The older lady held the broom as she watched Brynn leave. She sighed and shook her head in frustration.


Greencliff, the Palmer house.

Ethan and the rest had returned home, so April was going to welcome them home warmly.

Her daughter and son-in-law were working hard out there, so the only thing she could do was to whip up several delicious dishes when they came back so that they could eat happily.

It was yet another huge table of dishes.

William realized that April’s cooking was getting better and better. It was just tasty, but she had also learnt to make a huge variety of dishes.

If she were a chef at a restaurant, she might command a higher salary than himself at this rate.

“I’m so glad I called these fellows along, otherwise we’ll never finish this much food,” said Ethan with a laugh.

“We all know that once Big Boss is back, then there’ll definitely be loads of good food available! So we just had to shamelessly follow you back!” Brother Geoff grinned. “Auntie, I won’t stand on ceremony then!”

“Would you ever stand on ceremony?”

Jenny sat cross legged on the sofa and waved Brother Geoff over. “Brother Geoff, come over here and tell me what happened the last time you kept running into problems? This great legend over here will teach you what to do.”

Ethan watched as Jenny spoke sternly to Brother Geoff and took out pen and paper as if she was going to draw out a battle plan for him. He couldn’t help but just shake his head.

Brother Geoff was beginning to behave as doggy like as his title now.

“Number Five? You’re back so fast?”

Tom Foster was having a game of chess with William when the phone rang, and he picked up the call.

“No worries, just park the car anywhere.”

Tom Foster could tell that there was something wrong in Number Five’s voice.

He clearly sounded furious.

He glanced at Ethan and Ethan got the message and nodded back.

“Come over to the Palmer house for dinner. Big Boss says so,” Tom Foster added.

He put down the phone and frowned slightly. “It fell through?”


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