Billionaire God of War Chapter 1326

Chapter 1326

Surely it wasn’t that bad, right?

Number Five wasn’t handsome, but he was an honest, upright and tough man. Tom Foster didn’t dare to say that he was incredibly outstanding, but he was definitely not a lousy catch.

On top of that, he was an employee at Palmer Group. Even though he was officially part of the security department, his position in Palmer Group was not low at all.

“Wait for him to come over and tell us about it,” said Ethan.

He would never treat any of his men poorly.

That was what he had promised everyone from the start.

In no time, Number Five came in with Jasmine.

They walked in and Number Five even came bearing gifts, saying that he wouldn’t have brought anything if he came by himself, but Jasmine was here for the first time, so it was only right for them to bring something.

“The first time is fine, but don’t you dare bring anything next time!” April took the things from him and smiled brightly, “Just treat this place like your home!”

She could see that Jasmine’s eyes were red and clearly cried just now. She quickly called Diane and Jenny over, and they pulled her aside to chat with her.

“Big Boss.” Number Five walked over to Ethan and the anger on his face was still apparent.

“What happened?” asked Ethan. “Did her family make things difficult for you?”

“They didn’t make things difficult, but her older brother really went too far!”

Number Five recounted what happened earlier, and became even angrier.

“I don’t care if others look down on me. So what if I’m in security? I’ve never thought of myself as inferior to other people. But he actually treated Jasmine like a commodity to be bought and sold with money! I really wanted to tear his bloody mouth off!”

Number Five was furious and clenched his fists tightly.

But that man was Jasmine’s biological elder brother and he didn’t want to put Jasmine in a spot.

“Marriage is between two families,” said Ethan. “But the most important part is not what others think, but what the two of you think.”

Asking for $1 million in betrothal gifts was daylight robbery, and it wasn’t that Number Five couldn’t come up with that money either. If he really needed the money, Tom Foster would come up with it even before Ethan did.

But just because you had money didn’t mean you could spend it unwisely.

“Tell Jasmine to come over.”

Jasmine’s eyes were all red as she sat on the sofa.

Diane and Jenny couldn’t believe it when they heard her tell them what happened.

“Is he seriously your biological brother?” Jenny spat furiously, “Is he still human?!”

“How dare he look down on Number Five! Doesn’t he know that all those powerful families in the north wished they could get their hands on anybody who works in security for Palmer Group?!”

Jenny just stood up because she was too angry.

This guy looked down on Number Five? Was that a joke?!

If Brynn knew that those powerful families in the north would offer Number Five millions a year in salary, he might die from fright!

“Jasmine, Big Boss wants you to go over,” Number Five called out to her.

Jasmine immediately got up. She knew that Ethan held the highest position among everyone here.

She quickly walked over and greeted him with Number Five, “Big Boss.”

“Number Five has told me about what happened. I just want to ask if you’re definitely going with Number Five, or if you have any other considerations?”

“I’m…I’m definitely going with him.” Jasmine didn’t hesitate at all as her eyes reddened. “I’m not marrying anyone else besides him!”

Number Five’s face instantly reddened.

“That will do then,” Ethan laughed. “It’s nothing complicated. As long as both of you are agreeable, then everything will work itself out.”

“There’s no need to fall out with one another over other people.”

Ethan turned to look at Tom Foster.

“Tom, we’re going to go ahead with getting their wedding together. Since Jasmine’s family wants a more impressive ceremony, then we’ll make it real big. Our brother here definitely deserves it.”

“Got it, Big Boss.”

Tom Foster nodded. If it had to be big enough for Ethan to call it big, then it had better be REALLY big.


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