Billionaire God of War Chapter 1328

Chapter 1328

Tom Foster had already brought Brother Geoff along to pick up Jasmine’s parents. Since they were getting married, the parents of both sides should be at the wedding.

Number Five was an orphan, but William and April considered themselves his elders and represented his parents. As for Jasmine’s side, Ethan said that her parents should come so as to make sure Number Five’s wedding was complete.

At this moment.

A whole row of cars were on their way!

They had attracted so much attention along the way.

There were 18 cars in total, and a $10 million Rolls-Royce led the way.

None of the cars behind it cost less than $1 million, and they were all luxury cars.

Tom Foster and the rest were all dressed smartly in suits and ties, and they sure looked impressive.

“Which boss is marrying his daughter off? What a huge procession!”

“The cheapest car here must cost at least $1 million, right? Oh my god!”

“What’s written there? Greencliff…Palmer Group? Palmer Group?! Am I seeing things?!”

The exclamations of shock never stopped.

“We’re here,” Brother Geoff pointed at the house in front. “That’s the one.”

Tom Foster gave a hand signal and all the cars slowed down to stop at the Booker house.

A huge group of villagers came running out. Nobody had seen such an impressive procession!

The village roads were almost completely covered with their cars.

“The Booker’s daughter is getting married? Who is she marrying?”

“Which millionaire is she marrying?”

“The Booker family is really lucky!”

Many people were turning green with envy.

Brynn heard the commotion and walked out to see this fleet of luxury cars with wedding decorations on it. He was stunned into silence at the sight of this.

“Who are you people?”

He rubbed his eyes. He had spent the night before drinking and his vision was still a little blurry. He didn’t know what was going on at all.

“We’re here to pick up some people. Number Five and Jasmine are getting married today,” said Tom Foster calmly. He pushed Brynn aside and walked right into the house. Jasmine’s parents had heard the commotion and were about to walk out. They became nervous the moment they saw the huge crowd.

“Uncle, Auntie, Number Five and Jasmine are getting married today. Since you’re the parents of the bride, both of you should be there. We’re here to pick both of you up,” said Tom Foster with a smile. “Number Five is one of our brothers, and our Big Boss said that we must not be too stingy about his wedding.”

Too stingy?


Who would dare to call this stingy?!

Jasmine’s parents were in a daze. They didn’t recognize any of these luxury cars, but they could sense that the first car alone had to be a really expensive one just by the look of it.

Wasn’t that Number Five just a security guard?


“Fate brought Jasmine and Number Five together, and since they both like each other so much, as parents, I’m sure you would want your daughter to be happy. I can guarantee both of you that once Jasmine moves to Greencliff and marries our Number Five, nobody will ever dare to bully her!”

Ethan didn’t even need to say this.

As the one in charge of Greencliff’s illegal circle, Tom Foster dared to say these words!

“Uncle, Auntie, please get into the car,” said Tom Foster. Number Six and Number Seven helped the two old folks into the car.


Brynn realized what was going on and he was so excited.

He never thought that Number Five would turn out to be this impressive. A security guard could command such an impressive procession?

Security guard in Greencliff?

He was definitely no ordinary person! This fleet of cars alone told him that Number Five was rich, and was filthy rich, in fact. He wasn’t of lowly status either.

Brynn felt like he had struck it rich!

“I’m going to get changed! I’ll get changed and come out immediately! Wait for me!”

How could the elder brother miss his younger sister’s wedding?

“Wait,” Brother Geoff stretched his hand out to block Brynn’s way as he narrowed his eyes. “What has their wedding got to do with you?”


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