Billionaire God of War Chapter 1329

Chapter 1329

“I am Jasmine’s older brother, so of course it has everything to do with me.” Brynn raised an eyebrow and glanced at Brother Geoff. “Are you trying to say you aren’t letting me attend the wedding?”

“That’s right.”

Brother Geoff nodded.

“Why…you!” Brynn was instantly furious. He glowered at Brother Geoff and laughed coldly. “Just because you say you won’t let me attend, then I really can’t attend? Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Humph, I don’t care, I’m going!”

He was about to take one step forward when Brother Geoff grabbed his neck with one hand and lifted him off the ground.

A wrinkle immediately appeared on his smart suit, but Brother Geoff wasn’t bothered by it.

“Jasmine has married someone from Greencliff so she’s considered a daughter-in-law of Greencliff, and of course, she’s Number Five’s wife now.” Brother Geoff leaned over and whispered softly but murderously into Brynn’s ear. “Today is an auspicious day and I don’t want any bloodshed today. Next time, if you want to bully Jasmine, then you’d better check with all her older brothers here if we’re agreeable to that or not.”

Brother Geoff then let go of Brynn and he fell to the floor as his body was immediately covered in cold sweat.

His heart was pounding wildly and his legs were jelly from fright. He had never seen anyone so scary before.

“Let’s go.” Tom Foster glanced at Brynn, then didn’t care about him anymore.

The cars slowly turned back after picking up Jasmine’s parents and left the village.

All the villagers realized that these were all big shots!

The daughter of the Booker family was really lucky!

Everyone in the village knew what Brynn was like. He was a lazy bum who continued to live off his parents even though he was old enough to work. He even wanted to exchange his sister’s future happiness for money for himself.

But now, Jasmine was marrying someone he couldn’t benefit from!

If he dared to, his teeth would all be broken!


The huge wedding ceremony caused a huge stir in Greencliff.

Nobody would believe that this was the wedding ceremony for a security guard of Palmer Group.

Only the people of Greencliff understood what a high position a security guard of Palmer Group truly had.

And as the people of Greencliff, they knew very well that this was truly a position to be proud of.

The hotel was filled with festivities.

Number Five’s muscular body filled out his suit nicely, and everyone was so envious of his strong figure.

He happily gave out candies and cigarettes to his brothers as he laughed merrily.

“Thank you! Thanks bro!”

“Thanks, all of you!”

“Everyone, thank you for coming!”

Everyone who had some standing in Greencliff had come for the wedding.

With professionals running the show, Ethan didn’t have to do anything at all.

He just sat down and watched the lively scene in front of him.

“Brother-in-law, when you married my sister, you didn’t have a wedding as grand as this.” Jenny settled down next to Ethan and whispered, “Look at how envious Diane looks.”

Ethan turned to see Diane whispering to Jasmine, and it was a lie to say that she wasn’t envious.

Which woman wouldn’t want an unforgettable wedding?

When Ethan married into the Palmer family, they didn’t even have a ceremony to speak of.

He owed Diane a wedding ceremony.

“What’s the hurry?” said Ethan calmly. “We definitely have to make up for the lack of a ceremony, but we don’t have to make it big like this.”

“Huh?” Jenny didn’t understand.

“The two of us are different from other people.”

“In what way?”

“You’re asking too many questions, Legend of Fairbanks,” Ethan rolled his eyes and couldn’t be bothered to say anymore. “If you ask anymore, I’m taking this nickname back.”

Jenny quickly waved her hands about.

“Oh no, Brother-in-Law, don’t do that. If you take it back, then how am I going to go around and show off?”

She leaned nearer to Ethan and looked on enviously as she tried to pander to Ethan, “Brother-in-Law, when I get married, could you also plan something this big for me?”


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