Billionaire God of War Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330

“I’m not trying to be a show off! I just think…since I’m the Legend of Fairbanks, then I should have a wedding worthy of this name!”

Ethan glanced at her and just scoffed quietly. He couldn’t be bothered with her.

This girl was too immersed in being this legend.

Legend of Fairbanks? She should just concentrate on graduating from university first.

This one wedding caused a big stir in Greencliff for several days. It had been many years since they last saw such a big celebration.

Everyone in Greencliff knew that anyone who worked for Palmer Group was part of the big family. Even if you were just a cleaner, Ethan treated you as his family.

Everyone in Greencliff was familiar with Palmer Group’s slogan.

“As long as you’re one of Palmer Group’s and you fight for Palmer Group’s aspirations, we will look after you!”

What did Palmer Group aspire to do?

They aspired to help as many people as they could!

Good people were always rewarded in the end.

Ethan let Number Five go on leave. The two of them probably had much to tell each other and much to do together. Ethan had gone through this stage himself and understood this very clearly.

“I’ll let Number Five stay permanently in Greencliff in the future. The missions out there are a bit too dangerous.”

Since Number Five was married, Ethan hoped to protect him and not let Number 18’s fate befall him.

“Do you think he would agree to that?” Tom Foster laughed. “Big Boss, I don’t think you’d get to decide this.”

It was true that Ethan’s words in Greencliff were commands and carried authority, but when it came to their work, the wolves were equally determined to carry out their responsibilities.

Ethan laughed and didn’t say anymore.

Evan was thoroughly shocked by this wedding.

He thought that some big shot in Greencliff was getting married, or perhaps somebody closely related to Ethan was the one getting married. But he didn’t expect it to be someone who just worked closely with Ethan, and Number Five wasn’t even some really incredibly highly skilled fighter either.

But the scale of this wedding…

It was too damned scary!

He was really curious about what sort of place Greencliff was, and exactly what sort of person this Ethan was.

He was definitely powerful in martial arts, but he seemed to be particularly revered in Greencliff too.

Evan was now sitting in the middle of the Extreme Martial Arts Academy with his legs apart and his hands on his knees as he watched every student practice their punches and kicks.

During this period of time, he had corrected a lot of their mistakes, and now they started to look more decent.

“Senior, please have tea.”

“Senior, have some fruit.”


Evan had a whole pile of food next to him because all these students wanted to thank him for teaching and guiding them.

He just scoffed and didn’t respond to them.

What Senior?

He was here to get the manual back from Ethan. He wasn’t interested in being some senior here.

“Excuse me, who’s in charge of this Extreme Martial Arts Academy?”

A voice suddenly called out from the entrance.

Evan looked up but didn’t bother to answer the question. He wasn’t in the mood to entertain guests.

“Who are you?” asked one of the students.

“I heard that this Extreme Martial Arts Academy has the Extreme Fist Technique Manual. This manual is our sect’s treasured item, so I’m here to take it back.” The person who had come had a smile on his face and spoke politely as he nodded. “It’s time it returned to its owner.”

Evan immediately raised an eyebrow at this.

This Ethan was really an idiot. How could he allow others to know about the Extreme Fist Technique Manual? Didn’t he know how precious this item was?

And this person was even more hilarious. He actually said that the Extreme Fist Technique Manual belonged to his sect?

He got up with a start and walked over to the entrance to glare at the visitor. His eyes narrowed as he said, “You said the Extreme Fist Technique Manual belongs to your sect?”

“That is correct…”

“Correct my…!! Get lost!” yelled Evan in stammering fury.


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