Billionaire God of War Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331

Evan had never seen someone so shameless before.

How could anyone simply claim that the Extreme Fist Technique Manual was theirs?

Even the Drake family only had control of a few pages. Who was this guy anyway? Was he from a reclusive clan? Did he have the right to have this manual?

“Young man, why are you so upset?” The visitor continued to smile and continued to push on with his agenda anyway. “This item is ours, so it’s ours. That is not something that will change just because you are angry.”

“Who are you anyway?” Evan stared at him.

“My name is Daniel Rand, and I am a descendant of the Iron Line Fist,” said Daniel Rand as he clasped his hands together gently. “The Extreme First Technique Manual is a manual that one of our factions has lost for many years. This faction no longer exists, but the Iron Line Fist still does. So of course I have to come here and take this manual back.”

He smiled at Evan. “Please help me to call the head of this academy, I would like to talk to him about this…”

Evan’s expression was already darker than the night sky.

Iron Line Fist?

They might as well call themselves Steel Muscle Fist!

“You want the manual?” Evan glared at Daniel.

“It belongs to one of our factions, so of course…”

“Enough of this nonsense. If you want the manual, then fight your way in!” shouted Evan. “Prove that you have the right to own this manual!”

Daniel Rand was stunned for a few moments.

He gulped and saw that a few dozen people had gathered behind Evan. “We’re a harmonious society, so it’s best not to fight. We should try to live peacefully.”

Evan remained expressionless and the people behind him came closer, so Daniel couldn’t help but take two steps back.

“Alright, alright, since reasoning with you doesn’t work, then I have no choice…”

Daniel raised his arms to see Evan take a step forward. He quickly moved back and exclaimed, “How uncouth! So barbaric! How can someone practicing martial arts be like this?”

“Just because we don’t agree, you want to fight? You don’t have the ethics nor the spirit of martial arts at all!”

He said this as he retreated until he had stepped out of the place. He opened his mouth to speak, but didn’t dare to say anymore.

Evan looked like he was going to beat him up, so Daniel quickly turned and ran. He didn’t dare to speak anymore.

Evan ran out after him and Daniel ran even more quickly. He didn’t even dare to turn around, never mind fight.

A few dozen people were following after Evan, and the sight of that was enough to scare him.

“What nonsense is this!” Evan spat. “What’s this Iron Line rubbish Fist? You consider this a boxing technique? How dare you come and demand for the Extreme Fist Technique Manual?!”

Evan was such a highly skilled fighter and he had already been so badly humiliated by Ethan because he wanted the manual. These people were seriously overestimating themselves!

He turned to look at all the people behind him.

“In the future, if anyone tries to make trouble, then there’s only one rule to be followed. Make them fight their way in!”

“Yes, Senior!”

This time, Evan didn’t correct the way they called him.

He was so furious. What had become of the martial arts circle? How could any Tom, Dick and Harry think they could come here to ask for the Extreme Fist Technique Manual?

These people had no sense of self-awareness at all.

Evan returned to the academy, but before his seat had even warmed up, another person came asking for the manual.

This time, the visitor had a really bad temper. He made it sound like Ethan had stolen the manual from them and he was so angry that he wanted to fight. But Evan didn’t let him continue ranting and just sent him flying with a punch.

In just the short span of a few days, more and more people came asking for the manual. The more people Evan beat up, the angrier he got. And the angrier he got, the more people he beat up.

They claimed to be shape-will fist, tiger fist, cannon fist, iron line fist, stupid fist…

All sorts of boxing techniques had sent representatives here, as if the martial arts circle that had been silent for many years had suddenly revived.

But all these people were really weak. Many of them didn’t even need Evan to fight them off. Even the ordinary students at the academy were enough to beat them to a pulp.

Inside the office.

Ethan made his tea with a big smile on his face.

“There’s some commotion alright. It looks like His Lordship really doesn’t want me to have nothing to do.”


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