Billionaire God of War Chapter 1336

Chapter 1336

But even if Ethan was going to be rash like that, Evan wasn’t going to.

Ethan wanted to hold a martial arts competition so that others could use this competition and fight for the chance to look at the manual, right?

Then he was going to make sure that nobody got this chance!

Evan ran out in a huff and Ethan couldn’t be bothered with him.

He had his own ideas.

Ethan’s worldview was much broader than most people. On top of that, the situation had changed drastically as the reclusive clans were beginning to surface. He was going to need more preparation work.

His Lordship had hidden himself and wouldn’t appear easily again. But the fight between the two of them had never stopped.

Ethan knew that His Lordship was using him, but he was using His Lordship too.

The two who were playing chess would have to meet each other someday, but in the meantime, it was a matter of who made the cleverer move.

News spread very quickly.

Greencliff’s networks covered the whole city.

The entertainment company in Starling City used the media to their advantage, so the news spread throughout the entire country like sea waves.

A martial arts competition!

The winner would be able to view the Extreme Fist Technique Manual!

And what was the Extreme Fist Technique Manual?

Ethan didn’t have to explain too much. Anybody who had heard of it before would naturally be interested. It was pointless for those who hadn’t heard of it to come anyway.

In an instant, this news kicked up a huge storm.

Many martial artists who had hidden themselves decided to come out of hiding once they heard about this.

It wasn’t for the sake of anything else but the four words, Extreme Fist Technique Manual!

Nobody thought that something that was only heard of in legends actually existed, and nobody dreamt that someone had gotten hold of this, and chose to allow others to view it instead of just keeping it away for himself.

How much boldness did this action take?

In just a few days, the number of people who came forward to register themselves at the academy arrived in waves. Even some who just wanted to watch the show were itching to try.


The person in charge of registering participants looked up. He didn’t expect Evan to participate too.

“You want to sign up too?”

“Write my name down!”

Evan was feeling stuffy inside as he turned to look around him. All these ordinary fellows…they didn’t look like they were capable of anything and they dared to join a martial arts competition?

Did they know anything about martial arts?

“Yes, Senior!”

Evan scoffed and looked at those fellows who had just registered themselves. His eyes were filled with nothing but disdain.

He didn’t care who any of these people were and he wasn’t going to be polite to anybody either.

“You guys came for the sake of that technique manual?” Evan looked around and declared in a loud voice, “I’m telling all of you now, give it up!”

His voice was bright and resonated well as it instantly rang out in everyone’s ears.

Many people turned around and were unhappy about how Evan was so arrogant.

“Who are you? You’re really audacious!”

“Why should we give it up just because you say so? Who do you think you are?!”

“Tsk, it’s just a young man. Wait till you see what I’m capable of.”

Many of them responded directly and didn’t back down at all.

There were even some who walked right up to Evan and smiled, “Young man, I’ll remember you well. If you meet me on the battling stage, you’d better not end up begging me for mercy.”

Evan glanced at him and didn’t say anything.

He didn’t fight them because he couldn’t be bothered with these small fry.

But other people thought that Evan was getting scared.

There were very few true martial arts practitioners who really felt fear. After all, without sufficient courage, how would one be able to improve himself?

Even though the current society didn’t require one to have the strongest punches and kicks, becoming strong wasn’t just a physical thing but a mental thing!

The atmosphere started to rise in tension as many people really wanted to have a go at it. Everyone was rubbing their palms together and there were representatives from all parts of the country and different techniques, schools and clans…

It was as if the martial arts circle from a century ago was suddenly in full bloom!


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