Billionaire God of War Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337

But of course, it wasn’t as glorious as before.

But after the martial arts circle had been dead for so long, this was already enough to warrant a celebration!

This was a modern martial arts competition that garnered a lot of media attention. All the various news outlets were competing to report on it.

This would help many others to understand the culture of martial arts, and it would help more people to know how glorious these things used to be.

Someone once said that when a society develops, it should not only develop in terms of its economy, but also in spirit.

Advancement in the spirit of a society requires creativity in its culture and a healthy core. These things could help lift the spirits of the people living in this society.

The city of Greencliff was beginning to become lively.

Ethan didn’t really bother about the details, since he didn’t have to do any of these things himself.

But Ivan was more than happy to do all these things himself.

He was excited to see several familiar old faces around.

Some of them were elderly folks from the martial arts circle who were legendary fighters. Some of them had already retired from the circle, but they even brought their descendants and disciples with them.

A huge variety of boxing and kicking techniques as well as a myriad of weapons were all gathered here.

He didn’t expect to be able to see such a blossoming martial arts scene in his lifetime.

The few old men got together and the more they talked, the more they were impressed, and the more they admired Ethan.

Nobody would have thought that a young man was capable of doing this, and he was pushing for its advancement even.

Without Ethan saying anything, all these old folks were more than happy to help to promote Chinese martial arts.

The martial arts competition was going to start!

Ivan set the rules – the fight had to stop once a clear winner was declared.

Opponents were not to deliberately hurt each other with ill intent.

This was meant to be a sparring competition and not a fight to death.

Ethan brought Diane and a few others to sit in the stands. This stadium could take up to 10,000 people and it was full every day, so tickets were really hard to get.

“Hurry up, hurry up! It’s going to start!”

Jenny had secretly come over from Fairbanks again.

If not for the fact that this girl did especially well in school and might even graduate early, Ethan would have kicked her right back to Fairbanks.

“Brother-in-law, are these people all highly skilled fighters?” asked Jenny curiously. “Fairbanks has gone crazy over this competition and all my hostel mates want to come and watch!”

She raised her eyebrows several times to hint to Ethan about getting some extra tickets for her friends.

“The people here today are all from palm technique disciplines. Wifey, you can observe them.” Ethan completely ignored Jenny.

He looked at Diane, “If you see anything you like, tell me and I’ll teach you.”

Diane had been pestering him lately to teach her some martial arts moves, but his Extreme Fist technique was way too domineering and wasn’t suitable for Diane to learn.

But it was good for her to learn some, then at least she had some self-defense skills.

Diane’s eyes sparkled and she wasn’t even looking at Ethan. Her eyes were focused on all the people in the middle.

She had been coming every single day since the competition started.

The female participants looked so cool and confident, she was going to idolize them soon.

“Ok, I’ll tell you if I see anything.” Diane took a deep breath. “It’s going to start!”

Of course she hoped to know a move or two herself. That way, she could defend herself and Ethan wouldn’t have to worry about her all the time and he wouldn’t have to be by her side at all times.

The sparring in the stadium was very exciting and the crowd kept shouting.

The excitement in the crowd made these martial artists even more pumped up.

They hadn’t heard so much applause before.

The fists and feet went back and forth, and regardless of whether it was a set of moves or a stance, all the spectators cheered them on.

Over the next few rounds, Diane and the rest were so excited that their faces were all red. They could barely sit still and even raised their fists like they wanted to fight too.


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