Billionaire God of War Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338

Ethan looked at the two ladies and couldn’t help but laugh.

To him, all these techniques were just fancy moves that were only good enough for strengthening one’s body.

They were very different from true Chinese martial arts.

But Ethan needed these people to spread the culture of martial arts to others.

These people were an important source of strength!

Suddenly, Ethan frowned.

“Why is he up there too?”

He must have gone to make trouble.

“Big Boss, do you want me to drag him off?” asked Brother Geoff softly next to Ethan.

Evan was very powerful and even if he didn’t execute any fatal moves, Brother Geoff might not be able to drag him off either. But if there were twenty or thirty of them, they would definitely tire Evan out.

If Evan fought a war, he would definitely die.

“No need, let him suffer. This fellow needs to broaden his horizons,” said Ethan calmly.

Did this boy think that he could do whatever he wanted just because he was from a reclusive clan of martial artists?

Ethan turned and saw the old men sitting next to Ivan. These old men couldn’t afford to be embarrassed.

Evan walked up to the battling stage. He leapt up with a loud thud, and his presence alone made his opponent feel nervous immediately.

“Come on!” Evan stretched one hand out and wagged it at his opponent. “Don’t waste my time. Either fight, or get lost!”

These words made his opponent furious immediately.

“You’re too audacious for your own good!”

The sound of footsteps resounded as a figure dashed towards Evan like a wild bull.

But Evan didn’t care about this oncoming attack. Before he moved, his fists had already delivered a punch, and the opponent was sent flying with a loud noise!

He crashed to the floor.

The entire place fell silent.

“Next!” shouted Evan loudly.

He then purposely turned to look at Ethan. The expression on his face was very clear.

He was going to make sure nobody here got the chance to see the manual!

If anybody had to see the manual, he was the only one fit to see it!

Ethan just laughed and didn’t do anything else.

After that, the next five challengers were defeated with just one move from Evan and the entire stadium was in an uproar.

Even Jenny was jumping up and down.

“He’s so cool!” she exclaimed. “And he’s pretty good looking too! Where does this highly skilled fighter come from?”

“He’s the highest ranking senior at the Extreme Martial Arts Academy,” replied Brother Geoff quietly. “But he’s not a permanent staff member or anything.”

He looked at Jenny and said in a slightly displeased voice, “Which part of him is cool? He’s just a young punk who doesn’t know how to behave. If Big Boss weren’t so kindhearted, I don’t know which corner this guy would be sprawled in by now.”

Jenny’s lips twitched as she looked very meaningfully at Brother Geoff.

“Brother Geoff, are you jealous?”

Brother Geoff immediately started coughing violently and his face was all red.

“Jealous? Nonsense!” After that, Brother Geoff didn’t speak anymore and he sat very straight.

Back on the battling stage, Evan had already defeated eight people in a row, and they were all defeated with just one move.

He didn’t hurt anybody and just made sure he was clearly the winner in the fight. But his arrogant attitude made a lot of people very unhappy.

Even Brother Geoff couldn’t stand it anymore.

“Big Boss…” he spoke hesitantly. Surely he couldn’t let this young punk behave so arrogantly in front of Jenny, right?

“You don’t have to do anything,” said Ethan.

He turned and looked over at Ivan, and Ivan immediately got the message.

“This young man is really not bad, just that he’s a little too complacent. Are your disciples going to just sit back and watch?”

The other old men looked at Evan and could tell how powerful Evan was. If they simply let anybody go up to challenge this boy, they would just be embarrassing themselves.

“Isn’t there anybody else in the martial arts circle?” Evan started yelling loudly without waiting for them to react. “Is there anybody else? Get your ass here!”


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