Billionaire God of War Chapter 1339

Chapter 1339

Who could still stand it?

Evan was so arrogant. If nobody taught him a lesson, then the martial arts circle was going to be looked down upon!

“Master, I’ll go.”

Ivan turned around to see that there was a bulkily built man standing behind the eight arm fist advanced grandmaster.

He looked like he was in his thirties and there was a steady look in his eyes.

“Go ahead then, don’t kill him.”

“Yes, Master,” replied the man before walking down to the battling stage.

“There are many people who learn and practice eight arm fist, but the number of people who are truly able to grasp its essence are few and far between. I don’t know who else will be able to make this technique great again after I die,” sighed the eight arm fist grandmaster.

The one thing these people feared the most was that they were unable to leave anything for their descendants when they died.

In particular, the glorious things of the past which were both meaningful and valuable. Very few people today were willing to train themselves and study these things in depth anymore.

Times had changed, but their original intentions hadn’t.

“The only thing we can do now is to hope that everyone can unite and protect these traditional martial arts well,” sighed Ivan as well. “The fall of the martial arts circle is inevitable, but the spirit of martial arts…we can’t let this be lost. This is like our soul, our basis for existing.”

The few old men sighed together.

On the battling stage, Evan looked at his opponent for this round.

“Not you,” he said directly. “Get someone else.”

“We’ll know if I’m any good after we fight.” The opponent remained calm and steady, and his voice was neutral.

Brother Geoff frowned at the stage. “Big Boss, is this fellow any good?”


Ethan didn’t say much, just one word.

But Brother Geoff never doubted his words.

If Ethan felt that this guy was good, then this eight arm fist fighter wasn’t simple.

Evan didn’t like wasting time talking. He stomped the ground and dashed out. This was the first time he was taking the first move.

He was as wild as the wind!

His punch blasted through the air and his joints crackled loudly like beans frying in a pan.

He gave a low shout and reached his opponent.

But suddenly, Evan’s punch hit nothing. The man in front of him just now disappeared!

“How can this be?” Evan scoffed and without hesitation, spun around and swung his fist in the other direction.

The two men’s fists collided immediately.

In that instant, the expression on Evan’s face changed slightly as he staggered a few steps back.

The entire crowd was in a frenzy.

This was the first time Evan staggered back.


“He’s really amazing!”

“Bajiquan is a really aggressive technique!”

Everyone in the spectator stands couldn’t stop exclaiming.

They had all seen how the two men on stage were fighting head on to see who was more ferocious and who was more domineering.

“If you talk about being domineering, eight arm fist can also be derived from the Extreme Fist Technique Manual…” Ethan narrowed his eyes.

He had seen eight arm fist practitioners before, but those people only managed to skim the surface. Black Mountain of the Assassins Group base in the southeast region had learnt a little, but he ended up dying when Ethan attacked him with proper eight arm fist technique.

This eight arm fist fighter on stage now did learn the moves properly, but he was missing a sort of energy.

But to Ethan, this wasn’t too bad already.

Evan was going to lose.

After he said this, Evan dashed out again. He went at a faster speed than the last time, but in an instant, he bounced right back.

A clear and bright sound like the sound of a leather whip hitting him caused Evan to fly out. He staggered back by more than ten steps and went outside of the boundary.


Evan couldn’t believe it at all. He was an advanced grandmaster and he actually lost?

His face was filled with shock as he looked at his own two hands and his hurting chest. He had no idea what just happened.


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