Billionaire God of War Chapter 1340

Chapter 1340

Evan could accept being defeated by Ethan because it was clear that Ethan had understood the Extreme Fist Technique and knew the true essence of boxing.

But this man here was someone whose name was not known and he had never heard of this guy?

On top of that, how could eight arm fist be compared to the Extreme Fist Technique he learnt?

He mumbled to himself, “Could Ethan have been right? The Drake family’s understanding of the manual was wrong to begin with…”

He lifted his head violently. “That’s impossible!”

Evan gave a loud shout like he had gone crazy and made a mad dash across again.

The few old men moved even faster than Evan and stopped him from advancing.

“The winner is clear, so you are not allowed to fight anymore.”


“Young man, there’s always a mountain beyond the one we see and more humans than the ones we know, so there’s always someone better than us. The martial arts circle may be on the decline, but it’s not completely gone,” said one of the old men who was here as a judge for the competition. “Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Evan felt like someone had splashed cold water on him and he was feeling cold all over.

There was always someone better?

He was from a reclusive clan. Did he need someone to educate him like this?

That had to be a joke!

Evan looked at the old men. “But I’m not happy about this loss.”

“Neither are any of them over there.”

An old man laughed as he pointed at all the opponents that Evan eliminated.

Evan looked at all of them, then turned to look up at Ethan sitting in the stands.

He suddenly felt like he knew what Ethan was trying to do.

But even so, he could hardly believe that Ethan was being so ambitious!

Was he nuts?

Ethan looked down as well. Their eyes met and Ethan’s gaze was especially calm, as if Evan was nothing to him.

“I will come back and challenge you again,” said Evan before walking off.

“This fellow is still indignant,” scoffed Brother Geoff. “He’s just like a flower grown in a greenhouse. Even though he’s an advanced grandmaster, he might not come back alive if he goes to a real battle.”

Knowing the right set of moves was completely different from having to fight others to death.

“Brother Geoff, that’s not necessarily true. Flowers that are grown in a greenhouse are the ones that look pretty,” commented Jenny with an infatuated look on her face. “And looking pretty is all that matters.”

Brother Geoff didn’t want to talk anymore.

What was the point of being good looking?

Men ought to be tough!

Ethan couldn’t be bothered with their bickering.

Since everything was over, he wanted to bring Diane home.

The martial arts competition had gone through five days of competing and the champion had finally emerged. This winner had hidden his abilities well and nobody would even take a second glance at him in a crowd.

The winner was Paul Rite, the man who defeated Evan and a true disciple of eight arm fist!

Paul Rite was very humble, but his abilities were so powerful that even Ivan was surprised. So a really highly skilled fighter in martial arts still existed!

“I promised, so I’ll hold up my end of the agreement.” Ethan passed one page of the manual to Paul in front of everyone.

“Thank you, Mr. Hunt.”

Paul Rite bowed slightly. He was normally a steady person, but his hands trembled slightly as he took the page from Ethan and he gulped.

He had a look of disbelief on his face.

This was such an important thing but Ethan was so careless about it?

The page was all crumpled!

He took a look at it and immediately frowned. He looked up at Ethan and looked like he had doubts about whether this page was really a technique manual at all.

“Master?” Paul turned to look at his own master, as if he couldn’t be sure himself.

“You’re the champion of the competition, so you’re the only one eligible to look at it. You don’t have to be suspicious. Ethan is someone of high standing and he won’t cheat you.”

Paul nodded. He studied the page over and over, but the more he looked at it, the more tightly he furrowed his brows.

It was as if the page was a bottomless pit.

Looking at it sucked him in completely!

After a long time, Paul took a deep breath and his entire body was perspiring.

“Mr. Hunt, this is really too terrifying. I…I can’t understand it…”


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