Billionaire God of War Chapter 1342

Chapter 1342

“Elder Tanner, I want to join the academy!”

“Elder Tanner, please take me in! I want to join too!”

“Elder Tanner…”

Evan watched all this unfold from afar and his mouth was gaping.

He never imagined that Ethan would just put the manual up for public viewing.


Evan clenched his fists tightly and he didn’t know how to describe how he felt anymore.

He felt that he had run away from home on Daniel’s advice just to get pissed off by Ethan.

He wasn’t old at all, but he felt like his blood pressure was already rising to dangerous levels.

Evan didn’t bother Ethan and left instead. He was going to look for Daniel and clarify this matter.

The Extreme Martial Arts Academy had another additional hundred members in just one day.

The students included everyone from southern boxing techniques to northern kicking sects, palm techniques, finger techniques and more.

It seemed like the entire martial arts circle was concentrated within Greencliff and were all within this academy.

Even though all these people weren’t really all that strong, with so many of them together sparring and exchanging pointers every day, they would probably improve by leaps and bounds in no time.

It had been so long since the martial arts circle was in such good shape.

Ivan was excited, and his clan members were equally excited. To them, managing a martial arts academy well was contributing to the martial arts circle!

“The most important thing to a martial arts practitioner is to stay alive!”

“We live in peaceful times, so we don’t have to learn how to kill others. But if we have to go to war someday, then it is our responsibility to protect our country!”

“This Extreme Martial Arts Academy is everyone’s home. It’s also a place where everyone can spar with each other and help one another to reach greater heights!”

These few words from Ethan made everyone feel safe and they didn’t have to worry about anything.


In a place not too far away from Greencliff.

Daniel had received the signal from Evan and was waiting for him here.

But before Evan came, he was going to meet His Lordship first.

A fishing boat was docked at the jetty.

His Lordship was standing at the front of the boat with his hands behind his back. He looked out at the vast sea.

“Ethan has allowed the public to view the manual. He’s really a nutcase,” said Daniel. “I thought he would kill Evan, but on the contrary, he’s actually made Evan waver instead.”

Ethan was much more intelligent than he had expected.

His plans had all failed.

“He has always been such a person,” said His Lordship.

“You know him very well.”

Daniel looked at His Lordship’s back.

He had heard those words very clearly. His Lordship used the word ‘always’.

But as far as he knew, Ethan had only come into a picture less than a year ago.

His Lordship slowly turned around to look at Daniel.

“Shouldn’t one know his opponent well?”

Those eyes were as deep as the milky way!

Daniel didn’t harp on this topic.

“What are we going to do next? Ethan has foiled my plans.”

“Since he’s allowed public viewing of the manual, the people from the reclusive clan won’t sit there and do nothing about it. I believe it’s time they came out and did something,” said His Lordship quietly.

He looked up and saw a figure coming swiftly towards them.

Daniel looked up as well. He could see the anger on Evan’s face even from this distance.

“Evan is here.”

When he looked back, His Lordship had already disappeared.

Daniel had no expression on his face at all. It was as if nothing had happened and he hadn’t met anyone before this.

Evan hopped onto the fishing boat and Daniel laughed.

“Third Young Master, you don’t look too happy.”


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