Billionaire God of War Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343

Of course Evan’s expression was nasty.

“Who was that just now?”

He stared at Daniel and narrowed his eyes. His eyesight was good enough to see from afar that Daniel was talking to that man just now.

“Who?” Daniel shook his head. “I’m the only one here.”

“Daniel!” roared Evan angrily. “Aren’t you afraid that I’d tell Peak that you purposely lied to me to make me leave Minstrel Mount?”

Daniel merely laughed quietly.

“Third Young Master, what do you mean? I’m just a small fry, so why would I dare to lie to you?”

“Besides, you secretly left Minstrel Mount and that’s your business. If you get punished or anything like that, what has it got to do with me? I’ve never seen you before this.”

“Why, you…!” Evan was furious.

Daniel had talked to him in secret, so there was no way Daniel was admitting to any of this.

“Who exactly is Ethan?” Since Daniel wasn’t cooperative, Evan’s voice grew louder. “Answer me!”

“An ordinary person.”

An ordinary person?

Evan felt like slapping Daniel right now.

How could someone with Ethan’s prowess be an ordinary person?

Even if he were an idiot, he’d never believe this.

“Which reclusive clan does he come from?” The coldness on Evan’s face intensified. “I’m warning you, if you dare to lie to me again, I’ll definitely make you regret it.”

A faint smile appeared on Daniel’s face.

He stood at the front of the boat and sighed as he looked out at the vast sea.

“Third Young Master, did you think that someone like Ethan could only come from a reclusive clan?”

“Isn’t that so?”

Ethan was way too powerful, and Evan couldn’t tell where Ethan’s limits were at all.

If this sort of highly skilled fighter was not from one of the reclusive clan of martial artists in Minstrel Mount, then what sort of place could this man come from?

“Look at the sea,” Daniel waved his hands. “It’s so vast and borderless. Can you see what’s in the distance?”

Evan frowned and didn’t say anything.

“The reclusive clans are very powerful indeed. They pursue a way that’s higher than the materialistic world and do not involve themselves in current affairs, but is that really possible?”

“If it was really possible to reach this level, then why would they be so obsessed with possessing the Extreme Fist Technique Manual?” Daniel shook his head. “It’s not very good to lie to yourself and others.”

“What are you trying to say?”

Daniel turned and walked to Evan.

“Third Young Master, the world is very big and it’s bigger than you imagine. The reclusive clans will not be a leader of any sort, and they’re definitely not high and mighty like you think,” said Daniel quietly. “If you stand on top of the clouds for too long and fall down from that height, it’s going to hurt very badly.”

Evan’s expression changed slightly.

He stared at Daniel. He never thought a servant would dare to utter such words.

This servant had stepped over the line!

“Daniel, who exactly do you work for?” Evan knew that Daniel wouldn’t answer him, but he asked anyway.

He couldn’t feel any of Daniel’s reverence towards the reclusive clans, and he even felt Daniel’s disdain instead.

Daniel didn’t reply him.

“Third Young Master, it’s time you went back. Mr Peak knows that you’ve snuck out and he’s hit the roof already. As for the matter about the Extreme Fist Technique Manual…”

Daniel just smiled. His smile was a little mysterious and seemed to hold many implications.

He watched the expression on Evan’s face change against and again, but didn’t say anything and just left.

Evan stood there and allowed the wind to blow at the boat as the waves lashed. The look in his eyes kept changing.

He had come out this one time, and it had already turned everything he knew upside down.

It wasn’t just the appearance of Ethan, but Daniel as well. He was supposed to be just one of the Drake family’s servants, and was just supposed to be…

“I’ve really been too childish.” Evan gritted his teeth and clenched his teeth.

He had been humiliated by Ethan, but he admitted defeat since he really couldn’t beat Ethan in a fight.

But now, Daniel had also humiliated him with this attitude of his!


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