Billionaire God of War Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345

The minute Dawson finished saying this, everyone fell silent.

Even Amelia’s father, Kidd L’Oreal, had a change in his expression as he turned to look at his daughter.

“Amelia, why didn’t you share this good news with everyone?” said Dawson with a smile. “We’re all one family, so we’d definitely be happy for you.”

Amelia didn’t say anything.

Everyone else was looking at Amelia.

There were twenty people at this meeting and their attention was all on Amelia now.

“Amelia, what’s going on?” Kidd asked.

“Father, I’m not…” Amelia was about to explain things when she retched again.

She quickly covered her mouth and tried her best to suppress the feeling of wanting to vomit. But Everyone had seen that violent reaction she had earlier.

Having children before marriage wasn’t anything new in this country, but this was strictly forbidden in the L’Oreal family!

On top of that, Amelia had control over 30% of the L’Oreals’ assets!

If she was with child, whose child was this?

Would these resources be affected and go to someone else in the future?

“Amelia, are you still trying to hide it?” Dawson shook his head. “Everyone can tell that you’re pregnant, so there’s no point in trying to hide.”

“I even know that the man who knocked you up is Ethan, someone from Palmer Group.”

Dawson turned and looked at everyone else, then bowed slightly. “Everyone, I’m sure all of you have heard about this Palmer Group lately. The Chinese Chamber of Commerce’s sudden disappearance has something to do with this Palmer Group.”

He sighed. “Amelia, won’t you introduce him to us?”

Dawson was very pushy and he seemed to just be waiting for Amelia to admit to it.

He had photos, and these were photos that could serve as evidence. And now Amelia was clearly behaving like she was pregnant. Perhaps Amelia herself never thought this would happen either.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Amelia patted her chest and said calmly, “I’m just not feeling well and I’m feeling nauseas.

She got up, looked at everyone, then bowed. “Everyone, I’m not feeling well and I’m unable to participate in this family meeting, so I’ll take my leave first.”

Then she turned to leave.

But Dawson was faster than her and used a hand to block her way.

“Wait up,” Dawson smiled. “You haven’t told us if this child belongs to the man from Palmer Group yet.”

As he spoke, he took out some photos from his pocket.

Those were photos from that night when Amelia asked Ethan out for dinner, got herself drunk and Ethan carried her out of the restaurant.

Amelia’s expression instantly changed.

“Dawson, you’ve gone too far,” her expression darkened.

“The one who’s gone too far seems to be you!” Dawson’s expression turned nasty. “You have no regard for the L’Oreal family rules!”

“You’ve walked so closely to a competitor and now you’re even pregnant with his child. Are you trying to give all of our resources to Palmer Group?”

“Amelia, this is betraying the family! Do you understand?!”

Everyone’s expressions were nasty, especially Amelia’s father, Kidd.

In this family, Kidd’s position was extremely high and his family could very well become the heir to this family.

But Kidd only had one daughter, Amelia.

No matter how outstanding Amelia was, she was still a woman after all.

She said she would never get married, but was this practical?

“Dawson, you’re spouting nonsense.” Amelia glared at him. “Move aside.”

Dawson didn’t budge and just waved the photos in his hand a little gleefully.

“If I’m spouting nonsense, then can you explain briefly what’s going on in these photos?”


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