Billionaire God of War Chapter 1351

Chapter 1351

Dawson didn’t mince his words and dared to talk like this to Kidd’s face.

Kidd couldn’t answer nor argue back when it came to Amelia.

He was the head of the family, but the L’Oreal family was too large and all the different factions in the family were fighting to be the leader. Amelia had to prove herself if she wanted to take over his position in the first place.

He had always trusted Amelia and believed in her capabilities.

But he didn’t expect one Ethan…that bastard!

He had cut off Amelia’s future just like that.

“Dawson, you’ve eyed the position of the head of the family for a long time, haven’t you?” scoffed Kidd.

“As a member of the L’Oreal family, it is most certainly my honor and delight to be able to bear more responsibilities for the family.”

He never denied it. There was no need to deny such a thing.

Not especially at a time when he was highly favored. Amelia had committed a mistake and damaged the reputation of the L’Oreals. This had greatly angered some of the elders of the family.

Even though Kidd was the head of the L’Oreals now, he couldn’t decide on everything on his own.

Dawson placed a hand on his heart and said with a smile, “I exist solely for the advancement of the L’Oreals!”

Kidd looked at him and didn’t say anything.

He knew that Dawson had already gathered the support of the other factions in the family. Dawson was excellent at getting people on his side.

If nothing else went wrong, the next head of the L’Oreals should be Dawson.

Even though Kidd was really not willing to let him have it.

“Since you’re willing to do this, then go ahead.” He took a deep breath, stood up and walked over to Dawson. “You’re going to win soon, so you must be very happy.”

“I should have won in the first place.” Dawson knew what Kidd was talking about. “In fact, I still have to thank Amelia for giving me this chance.”

With that, Dawson didn’t say anymore. He bowed slightly and left the room.

He was left with just one last step.

Kidd’s expression was complicated as he watched Dawson walk away.

He never thought things would turn out like that. He thought that there was still a fighting chance, but Amelia…how did she commit such a mistake?

She wasn’t a rash person.

“There’s one more way to salvage the situation.”

Kidd took a deep breath.

He turned around and all his trusted subordinates were looking back at him.

“Get that Ethan here to marry into the L’Oreal family. I think this method will work.”

Kidd had investigated Ethan long ago and found out that Ethan had married into his wife’s family, which meant that he was just her lawful husband and was not entitled to any inheritance. So Kidd thought that since Ethan didn’t mind marrying into the Palmer family, then why not the L’Oreal family?

The L’Oreal family couldn’t be any worse than the Palmer family, right?

“Mr L’Oreal…”

“Let Dawson settle the matter of destroying Palmer Group. When that Ethan has nowhere else to run to, bring him over here.”

“Yes, Mr L’Oreal!”

Kidd didn’t want to talk anymore, so he just waved his hands and returned to his own room.

He didn’t even want to see Amelia. Now while he was still angry.

Dawson returned to his own house and the way he carried himself was completely different now.

“You’re all here?”

He sat on the chairperson’s seat as he looked down at the ten odd men in front of him with a darkened expression.

“Everyone gets US$100 million. That’s good enough, right?” Dawson scoffed, “All of you here were thumbed down by a young punk from the Eighth District. I’m really surprised.”

His words made some of them unhappy.

“Dawson, the situation wasn’t as simple as you think. You have no idea how incredible those people were.” The boss of the Fourth District leaned back in his chair. “Have you seen someone who isn’t even afraid of guns?”


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