Billionaire God of War Chapter 1350

Chapter 1350

All of them were employees who had followed Harold for the past decade or more and trusted Harold. So when Harold moved to Palmer Group, all of them followed him.

But they weren’t very trusting of Ethan at first because Ethan was way too young.

But in no time, these people changed their opinions after what they had gone through while working for Ethan.

Ethan’s foresight and broadmindedness was something that most people didn’t have.

On top of that, it felt so awesome to work for Ethan.

The feeling of being on top and in control of everything was really amazing, and really…exciting!

While Palmer Group was still pretending to be busy working, things at the L’Oreal family were different.

Kidd sat on the same chair he had sat on for the past few decades and his expression was very nasty.

“Mr L’Oreal, all of Palmer Group’s current projects have pretty much stalled, and all those Chinese merchants don’t dare to work with them anymore.”

“The L’Oreal family isn’t the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. They could defeat the Chinese Chamber of Commerce by going through China, but there’s nothing they can do about the L’Oreal family since we’re based overseas!”

“That Ethan hasn’t appeared yet, but since Palmer Group’s overseas branch is on the verge of collapse, he’s definitely going to appear.”

Several subordinates were taking turns to report the situation to Kidd.

They had made several attacks, so in just a few days, Palmer Group’s overseas branch had fallen completely silent.

Even though Palmer Group’s employees continued to report to work and knock off on time every day, Palmer Group refused to see anybody, so they were obviously just trying to keep up appearances. But even so, they were doing a bad job of it.

“How many more days will it take to make Palmer Group pack their things and go back to where they came from?!”

Kidd didn’t want to hear so much nonsense.

After something like that happened, he felt terribly embarrassed.

He wanted to bring down Palmer Group and make Ethan kneel in front of him to apologize. This man…deserved to die!”

“Palmer Group is pretty capable, so we might still need another five days,” said the subordinates after some hesitation.

“One day will do!” Dawson walked through the door with a cold expression on his face. “Leave this matter to me. I’ll take a maximum of two days – I’ll make Palmer Group disappear from Las Vegas!”

He walked over to Kidd, bowed slightly, then scanned Kidd’s subordinates.

“They’re too inefficient at their work. There are many people watching the family now, so this is a matter of our reputation.”

Kidd narrowed his eyes slightly. He didn’t like the way Dawson talked.

He knew better than anybody else that Dawson was constantly competing with Amelia to become the next head of the family.

Amelia was a girl, so if she wanted this position, she had to remain single. But now…she was actually pregnant. Kidd was really furious.

This was equivalent to giving up the position of the head of the family to Dawson. Of course he was angry.

“Two days?” Kidd scoffed. “Dawson, I have confidence in your capability, but Palmer Group isn’t a simple company.”

Palmer Group was able to get rid of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce so easily, so how could they be an ordinary company?

The status of the Chinese merchants out here was low, so even the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Las Vegas oppressed their own fellow countrymen who came here to do business. But after Palmer Group arrived, everything that had been set for decades was changed completely in no time.

It couldn’t be easy to destroy Palmer Group completely in two days.

“As long as you hand this matter to me, I can get it done,” said Dawson calmly. “I’m not like these pieces of trash.”

The few men standing to one side looked a little upset but they didn’t dare to say anything.

“This isn’t just about your reputation but the reputation of the entire family. Surely we can’t let the entire family suffer the consequences of one Amelia being rebellious, right?”


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