Billionaire God of War Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349


In Las Vegas.

A storm was blowing through the city.

The L’Oreals acted quickly. So quickly that it shocked everyone and went beyond everyone’s imagination.

Just a month ago, they were on pretty good terms with Palmer Group and Amelia had even taken the initiative to help Palmer Group break into the overseas market. But just a few weeks later, everything had changed.

L’Oreal had blocked off all their sales channels and pushed Palmer Group into a corner.

The L’Oreal family had even said that whoever walked too closely to Palmer Group would be considered an enemy of the L’Oreals.

Many Chinese merchants became very nervous. Nobody expected things to turn out like this.

There was even news that Amelia, the one who was close to Palmer Group, had been forbidden to leave the house and had to stay home to reflect on her actions.

And all that was because…

She was pregnant with Ethan’s child!

This was going against the L’Oreal family’s rules.

“This Ethan…is really too bold, isn’t he?”

“Men can’t control the lower half of their bodies after all, and now he’s in trouble!”

“Palmer Group has just started breaking into the overseas market and Ethan is in such a hurry to destroy the company? Palmer Group doesn’t have that much power outside of their own country, you know?!”

Las Vegas was filled with all sorts of opinions.

But all of them were sure that Palmer Group was doomed because Ethan had not controlled the lower half of his body well.

Palmer Group had worked so hard to break into the overseas market, but now all their projects here were going bankrupt because of one person’s mistake!

This was a really hard lesson to learn, and many businessmen were using this story to teach their children about how to behave.

Even though he was under tremendous pressure, Harold wasn’t angry, nervous nor worried. In fact…he was quite amused.

“Mr. Hunt is really a genius! He’s like a god who knows everything!”

Almost all the projects that Palmer Group’s overseas branch were holding onto had been stopped.

The entire office went into hibernation mode as all the other merchants just looked on and were too afraid to be dealt with by the L’Oreals if they went too close to Palmer Group.

The L’Oreal family was powerful not just in Las Vegas, but worldwide!

Harold wasn’t worried. For the past month, he didn’t go all out to do any business and didn’t really clinch any deals properly, since Ethan had already instructed him on this matter before returning to China.

“Three Myriads!” he called out as he discarded a tile. He noticed that the next player was about to draw a tile and said, “Wait, let me reconsider this.”

“Mr Harold, what’s done is done. It’s one thing to regret a move in chess, but you’re regretting throwing out a mahjong tile too?” said the next player unhappily.

Work had stopped, but Harold didn’t let everyone just laze around.

He still made sure everyone came to work on time and did everything that was necessary. The rest of the time was their free time.

They could play cards, play some mahjong, or even work out in the office gym.

In short, he wanted others to think that there was nothing wrong with Palmer Group and everything was operating normally, even if others might also think that Palmer Group was barely holding on.

“Matt, I saw your sales figures from the last report, and it’s a little short,” said Harold with a smile.

“Mr Harold, go ahead and take back that Three Myriads and discard any tile you fancy…”

Harold laughed loudly and happily took the Three Myriads back. He threw another tile out and it turned out to just be another Three Myriads. “I’ll throw this one instead. This tile looks a little older and I don’t like old things.”

He narrowed his eyes.

“Everyone, remain focused, alright? You can relax for now, but we’ll soon have to work overtime.”

“Got it!”

Everyone knew that Palmer Group was going to make a major move. They were just lying low for the time being.

Ethan had returned to China not because he wasn’t ever coming back to the US, but because he was playing hard to get…


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