Billionaire God of War Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348

Diane snorted. She couldn’t hold it in at all.

She gently whacked Ethan’s shoulder and purposely glared at him.

She was probably the one who knew best how fake this news was. She even knew that this news was definitely spread by Amelia herself on purpose.

Nothing happened between Ethan and Amelia that night. She was very sure of it and Amelia was even sure of it.

“Alright now, enough of this nonsense.” Diane started to sound upset. “I didn’t think she would disregard her own reputation though.”

“She must really be under a lot of pressure.”

Ethan looked at this silly girl in front of him.

Even at a time like this, Diane was still concerned for Amelia and was still thinking about whether Amelia had chosen to do this because she was under a lot of pressure.

Diane took Ethan’s hand and played with his fingers as she sighed again. “She’s trying to make use of you and she’s trying to drag you into the internal fight within the L’Oreal family. What do you intend to do?”

“I don’t care about anything else. But since that’s our child, we’ve got to get the child back,” said Ethan seriously.

“What child?” Diane looked up. “Don’t tell me you don’t have one now, so you’ll make one?”

Ethan reached out to scratch her little nose gently as he laughed.

“She can dream on! It’s not that easy to enjoy my charm, ok?” said Ethan. “Since my child is within the L’Oreal family, then I’ll have to get the kid back. If the child is gone, then…they’ll have to compensate for it!”

When she saw how serious Ethan looked, Diane immediately understood what was going on.

She had been fooled.

Amelia had been fooled.

In fact, the entire L’Oreal family had probably been fooled!

Ethan had done this on purpose.

From the time he reached Las Vegas and Amelia had made Malcolm use the Chinese Chamber of Commerce to block Palmer Group, Ethan had already predicted that Amelia would eventually do this.

He had been waiting!

He had been waiting for this day all this while!

What sort of man was this guy?

How was he able to foresee the future so far in advance? And he had never been wrong before either. Even though Diane was the closest person to Ethan, she found this unbelievable as well.

Diane couldn’t stand it anymore. She took Ethan’s head in her hands and inspected both sides of it to see if Ethan was different from others somewhere.

“You left Harold there and told him to purposely do some fake business just for the sake of this day?”

Before they left, Ethan had instructed Harold to pretend to do business. He just needed to look the part.

Even a wily old fox like Harold couldn’t understand what Ethan was trying to do at all. Harold was prepared to fully develop the business but Ethan was telling him to just pretend to do that.

“My wife is so clever,” Ethan laughed.

Diane scoffed. She didn’t feel like Ethan was really complimenting her.

It had been nearly a month before she realized what was going on, and she only realized it after Amelia had already sent out this news. And Ethan was saying that she was intelligent?

“You don’t have to worry about staying in Greencliff, you won’t be in any danger. I can’t bring you along to Las Vegas this time round,” said Ethan seriously.

This time, he was going to stir up a huge storm in Las Vegas.

This wasn’t going to be as simple as attacking the Chinese Chamber of Commerce. The L’Oreal family was way more powerful than the Chinese Chamber of Commerce.

And Ethan’s target wasn’t just the L’Oreals or Las Vegas, but…even more markets overseas!

Greencliff had Extreme Martial Arts Academy, a huge gathering of highly skilled fighters, Shawn, Ivan and more. He even had Cillian hiding in the shadows to secretly protect Diane from harm.

This forbidden territory was really safe on all fronts now.

So it was time to break out to getting even more overseas markets for Palmer Group!


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