Billionaire God of War Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347

Amelia knew very well that Diane wouldn’t believe this.

That night, the person who wiped her down, changed her clothes and even gave her a chaser was Diane. Ethan didn’t touch her at all.

But she knew that Ethan would know even better what she was trying to do.

She was afraid that Ethan would turn her down, so she used this method instead. It was now impossible for Ethan to refuse.

He had to get into the same boat as herself.

News spread to not just Greencliff but even the north, Starling City and other parts of the country. Ethan from Palmer Group had knocked up the princess of the L’Oreal family.

The entire corporate world of the country was shaken by this.

This concerned Palmer Group, a major corporation that was on the rise recently. Almost everyone’s eyes were on Palmer Group and waiting to see Palmer Group’s reaction.

Many people also knew that Ethan was a man who had married into his wife’s family and lived off that queen of the corporate world!

With such a huge scandal breaking out, there would probably be some commotion within Palmer Group.

In Greencliff.

Some murmurs were heard from time to time even within the headquarters of Palmer Group.

Ashley slammed a palm on the desk and everyone in the office area immediately looked up.

“I don’t care what other people out there say about Brother Ethan. But if I hear nasty things about him within Palmer Group itself, then don’t blame me for getting nasty too!”

Ashley was really furious.

She couldn’t believe that people inside Palmer Group were gossiping about this matter.

She knew that women were all busybodies and loved a good scandal or two, but this was Ethan they were talking about!

Ethan and Diane were the pillars of support of Palmer Group, her idols and her religion!

She would not allow anyone to blaspheme against them!

“Don’t all of you know what sort of person Brother Ethan is?”

“Palmer Group has plenty of pretty girls, don’t we? Has Brother Ethan ever looked at any of you with such despicable eyes?”

“If he was willing to, I’d be the first one in line to go for him. But do you think he would do such a thing?”

“Brother Ethan is CEO Palmer’s man and he will be for the rest of his life! There’s definitely no way that he’d do anything like that out there!”

Ashley’s eyes were all red as she shouted loudly, “How dare you slander my idol! If anybody gossips about this ever again, I’m going to bloody fall out with you!”

She scoffed loudly and finally sat back down.

The entire office was silent.

It was true that with Ethan’s identity and status plus his personal charm, very few women could hold up against him.

If Ethan just said the word, all sorts of women would take the initiative to draw close to him. But Ethan never allowed any of this.

His eyes were gentle only when he was looking at Diane. Everyone else looked like a telephone pole to him or something.

Inside Diane’s office.

She was still concentrating on her work.

After some time, she gave herself a good stretch and massaged her shoulders.

She looked up to see Ethan leisurely leaning against the sofa and listening to music with earphones.

“Congratulations.” Diane walked over, patted Ethan and said very deliberately to him, “You’re going to be a father soon.”

“I’d like to interview you – Mr. Hunt, how are you feeling right now?”

Ethan removed his earphones and frowned slightly.

“I’m feeling really conflicted now.”

“But no matter what, since that’s my child, then I’ve got to get my child back. After all, blood is thicker than water.”

He looked up at Diane. “But I’d like to interview Miss Palmer. As Mr. Hunt’s official wife, how do you feel now after hearing this news?”


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