Billionaire God of War Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353

Mackery grabbed Kent’s hair with one hand as he said coldly, “Courting death, you say?”

“Kent, you’re too hopeful. There’s no savior and nobody will come and rescue you, understand?”

He burst out laughing with great disdain and mocking. “That Ethan probably won’t dare to come to Las Vegas anymore. Do you know why?”

“He’s offended the L’Oreals!”

“He’s knocked up the princess of the L’Oreal family! He’s in big trouble now! MUAHAHA!”

This was a great humiliation to the L’Oreal family!

Ethan was dead meat for sure. Mackery didn’t doubt that.

They had checked several times to make sure that Palmer Group’s operations had stopped. It was just a matter of time before they were chased out of Las Vegas.

That Ethan hadn’t given any response up till now. What response would he dare to make?

Kent knelt on the floor and laughed coldly as Mackery continued to hold onto his hair. “Mackery…you will regret this!”

“You don’t know Ethan at all…you…hoho, you will regret this for sure!”

Mackery slapped Kent hard across the face.

“Regret this?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. Even if he comes, I’m not afraid.” He scoffed. “But Kent, you’re the one regretting it now, right? Regretting how you were rude to me before?”

“Take him out and hang him up!” Mackery gave orders. “Let everyone in the Eighth District see what happens to the people they trust!”

Two men came forward and dragged Kent out like a dead dog to hung him on the wall at the corner of his territory.

Mackery narrowed his eyes and turned to look at the rest.

“Gentlemen, how do you intend to split the Eighth District?”

“It’s just a slum, so what’s there to split? Even if my stuff gets here, very few people can afford to pay for it.”

“Mackery, since you want this place, then you can have it, I’m not interested. I just want that $100 million from Dawson!”

The rest of them looked at Mackery and their meaning was clear.

The Eighth District was the one closest to Mackery’s Ninth District, so it was best for him to take it. Then at least the rest didn’t have to specially send anybody here to manage it.

“You guys can split my $100 million equally.”

Mackery wasn’t stupid. He knew what they wanted.

He didn’t care about the money. But he was getting back for the humiliation he suffered!

After all, he could earn this US$100 million back from the Eighth District eventually.

At the wall outside.

“AHH!” Kent howled in pain and his entire body was convulsing violently.

Nails had been driven through his palms to nail him to the wall outside.

Fresh blood dyed the wall red and it was a terrifying sight to behold.

“That’s what happens if you offend Mackery!” someone shouted loudly. “From now on, the Eighth District must listen to Mackery. Whoever doesn’t…MUAHAHA…”

Those icy cold eyes looked at the crowd around. Many of them were agitated and raised the short knives in their hands.

“If you have any opinions, you’re welcome to attack. All the various bosses have their eye on this place, so if you’re not afraid to die, then go ahead.”

Some of Kent’s subordinates grit their teeth hard.

They didn’t dare to expose themselves because many of their brothers had already died terribly at these men’s hands.

This bunch of bastards!

But when they saw Kent nailed to the wall, they really wanted to dash forward to fight with them even if they had to die.

“Look for Palmer Group!” said one of them with a trembling voice. “Let’s look for Palmer Group! Hurry!”


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