Billionaire God of War Chapter 1354

Chapter 1354

They looked at Kent from afar and Kent noticed them too. He shook his head gently to tell them not to be rash.

The Eighth District was crawling with Mackery’s men, so if they came out to fight, they would be killed for sure.

Kent looked at the people around him and laughed bitterly. His body was tired and he felt as though his soul was leaving him soon. Mackery had done this probably to lure Ethan out.

But Kent knew that Ethan would come. He would definitely come.

And once Ethan was here, Mackery and the other men were doomed for sure!

Kent didn’t look the slightest bit afraid. Even though he looked very pitiful now, he still believed that once Ethan got here, the ones who would end up dead would be Mackery and his men.

At the same time.

At Palmer Group’s overseas branch office.

There was a crisp sound as the glass of the office entrance was smashed to pieces.

Harold and the rest of the staff turned immediately to see that a large group of people had rushed in.

“From today onwards, nobody is allowed to work here!” The leader of the intruders said calmly, “All of you work for Palmer Group, right?”

“Who are you people?!” Harold pushed the mahjong table aside and walked up to him. “This is Palmer Group’s office, and it’s not a place where you can make trouble!”

“As long as you’re all employees of Palmer Group! Take them away!” A dozen men dashed in and weren’t polite at all. “If anyone of you dares to retaliate, don’t blame us for getting nasty!”

Some staff were terribly frightened and wanted to fight back, so Harold immediately yelled, “Don’t fight back!”

He walked to the leader of the men and laughed coldly. “I recognize you. You’re from the Ninth District, one of Mackery’s. Looks like you guys are still useful.”

Harold’s presence was domineering and his fearless gaze made the leader feel his heart trembling and he had a bad feeling about this.

“Aren’t you afraid?” he asked.

“The ones who should be afraid are you guys,” said Harold. “These people are just small fry and aren’t vital to Palmer Group. I’m the one in charge of the overseas office, so if you want to take someone away, you can just take me!”

His shouting was filled with authority.

“If you want to take him away, take me too!” One of the employees stood up.

“Me too!”

“And us!”

“All the staff of Palmer Group will stay together! Take us all away if you can!”

All of them stood up and had furious looks on their faces.

They didn’t seem the least afraid anymore.

Harold was right here and wasn’t afraid of anything, so they didn’t have to be afraid. They were part of Palmer Group, so what was there to be afraid of?

“Hoho, you’ve really got guts.” The leader nodded. “You Palmer Group staff are really an eye opener for me. But since all of you want to die, then we’ll take all of you with us!”

He gave orders and his men held onto their weapons with unfriendly looks on their faces.

“We can walk by ourselves!” yelled Harold.

He turned and walked towards the main door. But when he got there, his expression suddenly changed and he stopped walking. Then he spun around to look back at Mackey’s men.

“I suddenly don’t feel like going with you guys anymore.”


“Everyone, go back to work, do whatever you’re supposed to,” said Harold as he looked at the staff. “Those playing mahjong can go back to playing mahjong.”

“Are you trying to pull a fast one on me?” The leader smiled coldly.

“I’m not trying to pull a fast one on me. I can go with you, but someone here won’t allow it,” said Harold calmly.

He moved to one side and a figure that seemed to be glowing appeared behind him.

All the Palmer Group employees were so touched that their eyes were teary.

“Brother Ethan!”


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