Billionaire God of War Chapter 1355

Chapter 1355

It was Ethan!

Ethan was here!

They just knew Ethan wouldn’t leave them in the lurch!

Ethan stood at the entrance as he looked at the hooligans in the office and walked in with no expression on his face.

“Where are you going to take my staff to?”

He walked in and glanced at Harold.

“Are these fellows trying to poach my staff? How dare someone poach my people?!”

Mackery’s men instantly paled.

Some of them recognized Ethan!

The terrifying things that Ethan’s men did that night came back to them.

Especially that scene where Ethan bare handedly took the gun from Mackery and dismantled the entire thing in seconds. They were all stunned by that move.

And now…he was really back here?

“You…you actually dare to come back!” shouted the leader. “You’ve offended the L’Oreals, so you’re dead meat for sure!”

“Take him down!”

He waved his hand and more than a dozen men surrounded Ethan. Many of them reached into their pockets to pull out daggers and they looked ferocious.

Ethan was expressionless and his calmness was a little unbelievable.

He calmly walked right to the front.

“Brother Ethan!” A few of them were so worked up that their voices were trembling.

Now that Ethan was here, then they didn’t need to be afraid of anything!

Who cared about Mackery or any of those district bosses? So many people within China who were more impressive than these people ended up kneeling before Ethan anyway!

“I give you three seconds, disappear from my sight,” said Ethan.

“Who cares! Take him down!”

With that order, the ten odd men dashed towards Ethan.

In less than ten seconds, all of them were sprawling on the floor and howling in pain.

“AHH!” The leader knelt on the floor and his knees struck the marble flooring with a loud thud. His bones had been broken into many pieces and his face was ashen.

He nearly fell on his face but Ethan reached out and grabbed his head.

“I gave you a chance but you didn’t listen.”

He slapped the leader hard on the face and two bloodied teeth went flying out.

“I think I said before that you guys are not to bully any of the Chinese merchants around here. Isn’t Palmer Group a Chinese merchant?”

The leader was trembling all over and wanted to speak, but the pain made it impossible for him to speak.

The first sound that came out of his mouth were just howls of pain.

Ethan couldn’t be bothered to let him talk. He gave a hard kick and sent the leader flying out. The howling noise in the corridor became even louder.

“Throw them out!” said Ethan calmly.

All the employees immediately became excited and happily dragged all these hooligans out of their office like they were a bunch of dead dogs.


“My leg is broken, don’t pull so hard! OW!!”

“Stop it!!”

The howls continued to echo in the corridor but nobody cared about them. They wished they would just die from their pain.

“Brother Ethan! You’re here, so we don’t have to be afraid of anything!”

“Brother Ethan, these hooligans are terrible! They actually dared to make trouble for Palmer Group, so we must not let them off!”

“Brother Ethan, I’m so glad you’re here! I’m so glad!”

Ethan held a hand up to quieten them down.

“Don’t worry, I’m here, so nobody can bully you guys.”

He turned to look at Harold. “Are you ready?”

Harold nodded.

“I’ve been ready for a long time. Mr. Hunt, you’re practically omniscient! The L’Oreal family really launched an attack.”


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