Billionaire God of War Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356

Harold had already warned Ethan that the fact that the L’Oreals were willing to cooperate with Palmer Group and even helped Palmer Group to pave the way into the overseas market was a problem in itself.

They were trying to lure Palmer Group out of China into their territory overseas so that they could destroy Palmer Group at one go.

Harold had seen all sorts of business tactics. If he could see what was happening, Ethan certainly could as well.

And now he realized that Ethan had known this from the beginning and had gone along with the L’Oreals on purpose.

There was a common phrase in the business circles – you might eye someone else’s interest, but someone else might be eyeing your principal amount!

The L’Oreal family was eyeing Palmer Group’s skincare and cosmetics business, but Ethan was eyeing the entire L’Oreal family!

“As long as you’re ready. Palmer Group is going to expand into many other businesses besides the skincare and cosmetics industry, and I’ll hand this to you.”

Harold nodded.

“Mr. Hunt, don’t worry. I promise you that I’ll definitely get this done!”

Harold would only do what he was best at, and Ethan would only let him do what he was best at.

Ethan made the best use of his people.

Harold didn’t need to worry about any of the trouble happening out there at all. He just needed to do his best at what he did best.

Ethan would get rid of everything else!

Ethan gave a few instructions, then the phone started ringing. He picked up the call and started frowning immediately.

“Are they tired of living?” His expression darkened. “You guys go ahead first, I’ll be there soon.”

After hanging up, Ethan said, “Harold, within one month, I want 70% of Palmer Group’s businesses to enter the overseas market!”

Palmer Group was no longer only in the cosmetics and skincare industry. They were in the mining industry, tourism industry, farming, manufacturing…this was a truly monstrous corporation!

If 70% of Palmer Group’s businesses were to enter into the overseas market, then that would have a tremendous impact overseas.

Harold immediately stood up straight at these words.

The ten odd employees standing behind him also stood up straight.

“If we’re going to do this, then we’re going big!”

“If I don’t turn Las Vegas upside down, my surname isn’t Greene!”

“We’re going to screw them over!”

Their motivation soared to the sky!

Ethan nodded. He didn’t have to worry with Harold in charge.

Meanwhile, he would have to personally settle the L’Oreal side.

He left immediately for the Eighth District.

While this was happening, Brother Geoff and the wolves had reached the Eighth District already.

The wolves ran along the streets quickly. They already got the news that Kent had been captured and was nailed onto a wall precisely to lure all of them out.

“He’s there!”

Brother Geoff spotted Kent from afar. Kent was nailed to the wall and he was completely covered with blood.

He was immediately infuriated.

Besides the fact that Kent was the one who helped to save Number Five’s woman the last time, Kent’s relationship with Ethan alone meant that the wolves couldn’t just sit and watch him suffer.

Number Five in particular, skipped his honeymoon and insisted on coming along when he heard that Kent might be in trouble.

When he saw Kent being nailed to the wall, his eyes instantly turned bloodshot.

“I’m going to tear them all apart!” roared Number Five as he swung his fists violently. His knuckles crackled loudly and all the veins on the back of his hand were bulging.

“Save him!” shouted Brother Geoff, and some of them immediately rushed towards the wall.

Suddenly, more than a dozen figures appeared in front of Kent. They all stared at the wolves and their expressions were filled with disdain and mocking.

There was also a strong murderous air about them!

“I thought you guys didn’t dare to come,” said Butcher as the excitement of murder spread across his lips.


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