Billionaire God of War Chapter 1357

Chapter 1357

Butcher looked at the wolves and he could tell at one glance that they weren’t very gifted fighters.

These men were mercenaries who had fought many battles in the Middle East and had gone through countless opponents. And all these opponents had died at their hands!

“Who are you?” Brother Geoff knew Mackery, and he knew that these people were definitely not Mackery’s men.

“Kill them!” Butcher didn’t want to waste time talking. “Kill them all!”

His mission was to kill off all the wolves. All these pieces of trash weren’t fit to know what his name was.

He gave the order and the mercenaries behind Butcher dashed out like a group of madmen.

Their eyes instantly turned blood red. They seemed to have been involved in killing for too long, so once the battle started, everything within them exploded!

Both sides immediately clashed head on violently.

Brother Geoff took a step back and both his hands were numb. Butcher was too strong.

“You Orientals are too weak!” Butcher laughed loudly. “In the Middle East, I’ve killed at least 800 people who were trash like you guys, or maybe even a thousand!”

“You’re all destined to die at my hands today!”

This was such easy money.

Butcher roared loudly and rushed towards Brother Geoff again. His feet stomped hard on the ground, causing the ground to rumble with the thumping of his feet.

Butcher swung a fist at Brother Geoff and Brother Geoff was wary, so he quickly stretched both hands out to block the attack.

There was a loud noise as Brother Geoff took another five or six steps backwards. His arms were both numb.

This bloody fellow!

Where the hell did he get so much strength from?!

“Brother Geoff, I’ll help you!”

Number Three dashed over and stood on the other side of Butcher and glared at him.

The others were also in a tough fight with the other mercenaries.

These mercenaries were powerful with loads of experience. And the techniques they knew best were all fatal.

“Trash!” said Butcher coldly. “In the eyes of mercenary soldiers like us, all of you are just trash. It’s so easy to kill all of you.”

“Enough with your damned trash!” yelled Brother Geoff. He and Number Three ran towards Butcher from both directions.

The two of them lashed out like they didn’t care for their lives. They used the best attack their formation could deliver and kept attacking without bothering to defend.

Since they were faced with such a strong opponent, the two of them didn’t hold back at all.

Both of them made swift attacks and their heavy and powerful fists smashed against Butcher’s body hard. But these punches seemed to be landing on a piece of steel.

This body was really tough!

“Retreat!” Brother Geoff shouted as he quickly moved back. Since they couldn’t get him with one blow, they had to quickly retreat.

Number Three was about to move back when Butcher suddenly reached out and grabbed Number Three’s arm as he smiled coldly.

“You think you can run?”

He exerted force into his grip and Number Three’s expression changed.

Number Three didn’t dare to resist because he was much weaker compared to Butcher.

This guy’s body was like an explosive dragon and that was seriously crazy!

Number Three followed the direction of Butcher’s arm so that his own arm wouldn’t be broken. His other arm quickly wrapped itself around Butcher’s arm and with the help of the Butcher’s defense, Number Three’s finger sliced across Butcher’s throat.

Butcher was also cautious and immediately let go. He didn’t want to lose his life trying to kill Number Three.

Number Three’s earlier stance was clearly aimed at killing them both together.

Number Three managed to retreat and his entire body was already covered in cold sweat.

If he had hesitated for just one moment, his arm would have been torn right off and he might have died by now.

Butcher touched the skin on his throat to find that it was cut open by Number Three. He was able to break Number Three’s arm and even pull it right off his shoulder, but at the same time, his own throat might also be sliced by Number Three!

“You guys trained in killing techniques too?”

Butcher narrowed his eyes but wasn’t afraid at all. Instead, he became even more excited.


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