Billionaire God of War Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358

“I didn’t expect that. Interesting, very interesting!”

Butcher’s entire aura suddenly changed.

He exerted force out from within himself, causing the short sleeves on his arm to burst apart in an instant!

His muscles looked like the roots of old trees and it was a terrifying sight to behold.

Was this guy still human?

His arms were even thicker than Brother Geoff’s thighs!

“Brother Geoff!” Number Three swallowed. “This guy’s body is too tough, we have to find a weak spot!”

He clenched his teeth, “I’ll distract him, you find it!”

Before Brother Geoff could take that role from him, Number Three dashed out.

Brother Geoff grit his teeth, cursed, and went after him.

Number Three was prepared to put his life on the line!

It was two against one!

Brother Geoff and Number Three worked together, but they couldn’t seem to gain the upper hand and were actually being thumbed down pretty badly instead.

The two of them kept retreating and their bodies were covered with blood. One of Brother Geoff’s fingers was broken and even twisted in the wrong direction.

Number Three’s lips dribbled with blood as Butcher sent him flying with a hard kick. Number Three slid across the ground for five or six meters and his mouth was spewing nothing but blood.

“Number Three!”

Brother Geoff was furious!

��You still have time to be concerned for other people?”

Butcher dashed across and didn’t even bother with using any sort of technique. He crashed violently into Brother Geoff like a tank and sent him flying out.

Brother Geoff yelped loudly and used his arms to block the attack and absorb the impact, but he still flew out anyway and he had broken his chest bone badly as a result.

“Number Three! Brother Geoff!”

The rest of the wolves had reddened eyes as they watched this happen. They had to fight the other mercenaries too, so it was too late to help the two of them.

This Butcher was simply too frightening!

Butcher walked over and stared at the two of them. His chest muscles were rippling and it made everyone’s hair stand in fear.

“You guys are pretty hardy for a bunch of worms, but now, I’m going to crush you two to death.”

There was a smile on his face. Even though he was going to kill them, he wanted to tell his victims first!

Brother Geoff and Number Three struggled to stand and there was a tinge of resolve in their eyes.

“Crush us to death? Then I’m going to make sure I bloody break your bones!” roared Brother Geoff as the two of them made a mad dash at Butcher again.

They weren’t afraid to die at all.

The two of them flew out again and crashed heavily on the ground with much pain surging through their bodies.

This Butcher had a seriously tough body!

It was as if his entire body was made from iron and steel.

Brother Geoff and Number Three’s attacks had very little impact on Butcher.

“AHH!” Brother Geoff opened his mouth to spray out a mouthful of blood and his expression was aggressive. “Come at me!”

He put a hand over his chest as the broken chest bone made it difficult for him to even breathe. But his expression didn’t carry any fear at all.

Even if he had to die, he wasn’t going to even frown!

This expression of his made Butcher very unhappy.

“Go to hell then!” roared Butcher loudly as he swung his gigantic arms and aimed a hammer-like fist violently towards Brother Geoff’s head!

This fist, this strength, this amount of murderous intent!

If this punch really landed on Brother Geoff’s head, then Brother Geoff’s head would be smashed to pieces for sure!

Brother Geoff watched that fist come towards him and wanted to struggle but he couldn’t react in time.

“Brother Geoff!” Number Three tried his best to rush over to block the attack for Brother Geoff, but he wasn’t in time.

Everyone else felt their eyes turn red!

“Brother Geoff!”

There was a huge blast!

Brother Geoff felt a ringing in his ears. In front of him…was an illusion of sorts.

It seemed like…someone was standing right in front of him!

“Big Boss!”

Brother Geoff focused his eyes and exclaimed. Ethan was here!

“Geoff, tell me, how many bones of his do you want me to break?” asked Ethan calmly.


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